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WHO Gives Nasarawa Diseases Surveillance Tools

WHO Gives Nasarawa Diseases Surveillance Tools The World Health Organization yesterday in Lafia offered integrated diseases surveillance response collection tools to the Nasarawa State government.

“The surveillance officers need to work with time with these tools. As soon as they have done their part, they need to get the data to the ministry on time for analysis and planning purposes. We also appeal to them to make goid use of the tools,” Ebong said.
Iya thanked the WHO, saying that efficient utilization of the tools would give the state the opportunity of early response to an outbreak of diseases.
“It is a very important occasion because it helps us as a state on decision making on health issues. We need to document every disease occurrence in the state and we can only have the information we need if our surveillance officers are well equiped and doing their work.” he said.
Daily Trust News

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