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Water Is Enough to Clean the Vagina -Gynaecologist

Water Is Enough to Clean the Vagina -GynaecologistGynaecologists have once again cautioned women against the use of soap, detergent, and antiseptics amongst others on their vagina.

The experts that gathered at the sectorial meeting of the Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics of Nigeria (SOGON), Lagos sector also warned women against practices like douching.  They stated that washing the vagina with these substances and engaging in practices like douching  washes away  the natural flora in the vagina and gives room for other bacteria to thrive in that environment.

Dr. Chukwuemaka Odeigha, a consultant obstetrics and gynaecologist at the Military Hospital, Ikoyi while speaking at the event made it known that women constantly expose themselves to risk factors of vaginitis and that is why it is constantly on the rise and keeps reoccurring. He stated emphatically that women do not need to use things like soap, antiseptics and detergents while cleaning their vagina as the vagina is a “self-cleaning organ and water is enough while cleaning the vagina”. He further explained that the vagina has natural bacteria that are not harmful but are there to fight off other harmful bacteria. He also stated that the acidity of the vaginal environment is important and should be maintained, which is not the case when soap is used as most of the soaps used are made with chemicals that offset that chemical balance.

Dr. Odeigha also stressed that early diagnosis and treatment is imperative when dealing with vaginitis. He stated that once women start experiencing symptoms like itching in and around the vagina, burning sensation during urination, abnormal vaginal discharge with unpleasant odour and discomfort during intercourse to name a few, they should see the doctor.

Dr. Odeigha also advised that women should stop using antibiotics indiscriminately and endorsed the drug, Klovinal for the treatment of vaginal infections, stating that it is highly effective because it addresses the causes of the vaginal infection which include the bacteria or fungi affecting the vagina, and it also restores the natural flora of the vagina while still being very affordable.

Klovinal has 3 constituents- Metronidazole which is antibacterial, Clotrimazole which is antifungal and Lactobacillus which restores the natural flora to the vagina. Experts at the event applauded the ingenuity of the product.

The Area Manager of Seagreen Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Pharm Aje Akinyele, stated that the drug Klovinal is aimed at reducing the incidence of the occurrence of vaginitis. He advised women to avoid tight panties as this makes the vagina conducive for harmful bacteria.

Dr. Odeigha called on the media to help spread the word so that more women can start washing the right way.


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