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Watch what You Eat – Cardiologist to Nigerians

Cardiologist caution Nigerians About what they consume: 

Watch what You Eat

Cardiologist caution Nigerians About what they consume, Dr. Sabu George is a Nigerian heart expert based in the United States of America; recently he alerted Nigerians on the inherent dangers in the over-indulgence in some popular foods and drinks as consumed by Nigerians.

George cautioned that these foods regularly consumed in the country are capable of leading to cardiovascular-related diseases.

Eating Healthy Meals:

He noted that staples like bread, pounded yam, noodles, cassava as well as soft drinks can endanger your blood pressure and the health of your heart if care is not taken.

During a three-day free health screening programme – ‘Medical Mission’, put together by the Apapa-Iganmu Local Council Development Area (LCDA) in Lagos, the cardiologist stated that most cardiovascular-related diseases can be brought under good control if detected at an early stage.

George declared: “Cardiovascular diseases are a silent killer, and if not detected at the early stages, the sufferer is at high risk and can lead to sudden death.

It is more expensive to treat the ailment and cheaper to prevent it by maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, checking cholesterol, avoiding too much of carbohydrates and sugar.

“We can avoid cardiovascular diseases by eating less of carbohydrates, but more of vegetables and drinking more water than fizzy drinks.

We will ensure that any person detected to have such ailment will be given proper care by providing free treatment and there will be regular consultations, to monitor the patients.”

He further encouraged Nigerians to freely consume local dishes like moi-moi, vegetable, and melon soups. The free health screening exercise was initiated by the Council to render a helping hand to all sufferers of cardiovascular diseases and other sicknesses within the locality.

According to the Sole Administrator of the Council, Mr. Olumide Olayomi, “The purpose of this year’s programme organised by the council and the National Sports Lottery Foundation is to help people in the community to know their health status and to also receive adequate treatment.

“The health of people in the community is critical to the progress of this local council development area, because it will boost our economy because healthy people are always productive.”

But the programme will not just stop at that; Olayomi added that critical health issues discovered in this exercise will further be referred to the general hospitals and teaching hospitals, to continue with their treatment.

By Morgan Nwanguma

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