Ugandan Members of Parliament have accused Kenya of exporting the COVID-19 disease to their country through school-going children who are picked from Uganda daily for learning in Kenya.
The enraged MPs said Kenyan buses were picking at least 500 Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) and Grade One pupils from the Busia border every morning and taking them back in the evening.
Busia Municipality lawmaker Godfrey Macho raised the concern noting the young kids could contract coronavirus at school and transmit it to their parents back home. “As some of our schools remain closed to some learners, Ugandan children at the Busia border are being taken to Kenya to import COVID-19 .About 500 children go through the Ugandan border manned by government officials to a country we all know has high cases of COVID-19,” Macho was quoted by the Daily Monitor.
The MP said his pleas to the Ugandan government to take action fell on deaf ears despite the threat posed by the highly contagious virus.
Macho and other legislators made the complaints during a meeting with Higher Education Minister John Munyingo who vowed to find a solution.
Pupils in ECDE, Grade One, Two and Three in Uganda are yet to resume classes one year after schools were closed in the landlocked country following the outbreak of COVID-19.
Some parents close to the Kenyan border have since registered their children in Kenyan schools in record numbers as they were unsure when their government would reopen pre-primary institutions.
In Kenya, Grade Four, Class Eight and Form learners re-joined school in October 2020 despite COVID-19 fears.
The rest of the learners resumed fully in January 2021 after an order by President Uhuru Kenyatta.
As of Thursday, April 29, Kenya had confirmed 158,821 cases of coronavirus after 495 people tested positive for the virus in the last 24 hours.
Over 2,700 people have succumbed to the disease while over 108,000 have recovered according to statistics provided by the Ministry of Health.


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