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These Habits Can Destroy Your Teeth

These Habits Can Destroy Your TeethDental health does not come easy; it comes with a whole lot of discipline and requires the necessary lifestyle behaviours so you can maintain the right kind of smile, and overall dental heath. Research has found that the following habits of many are things you must be very careful about, and indeed avoid at all cost.

Not using a mouth guard

According to the American Dental Association, mouth or tooth guards prevent 200,000 sports-related mouth injuries every year. The fact is that an estimated 5 million teeth are knocked out every year through sports. Therefore it behoves every sports person to wear a preventive device such as a tooth or mouth guard when engaging in (rough) sporting activities, or you may be regretting later.

Teeth grinding

Many at times you tend to grind your teeth unconsciously and sometimes even in your sleep! You must find a way to avoid or stop teeth grinding which health experts refer to as bruxism – by avoiding tension and anxiety. It could as well lead to a number of dental issues like chipped tooth enamel, cracked tooth, joint problems, worn out teeth, and loss of teeth, etc.

Baby’s feeding bottle

Obviously the temptation is always high to send your baby to sleep leaving a baby feeding bottle in their mouth. But expert advice you should know is that it is a terrible habit; this practice easily leads to a condition known as ‘baby bottle tooth decay’. Truth is bottles of milk at bedtime multiply the danger of child developing early dental decay in the mouth. Thus prolonged exposure of the sugar in milk works with bacteria in the mouth to break down tooth enamel, leading to uncontrolled decay. Also, help your children to love drinking water more than the usual sweet drinks they crave for.

Chewing ice blocks

Experts say the habit of chewing ice blocks by some people is capable of inflicting tiny cracks on the enamel of your teeth. These cracks can with time lead to teeth fracture and become a nagging problem in the future.

Sugary sweets, drinks, & cough drops

They all contain one common ingredient – lots of sugar. This easily causes tooth cavities and all sorts of dental diseases. Soft drinks including so-called sports drinks and fruit juices are (dental) health risks. Sugary drinks (soda), cough drops and sweets are capable of accelerating bacterial flow as your mouth is caused to be bathed in sugar when you take them. It can result in all manner of tooth decay as you may already know.

Tongue piercing

Some of today’s weird behaviours obviously are too strange to comprehend. And then, they come at a very high cost you may not readily know. Tongue piercing is a modern trend and practice detested by dentists; they may cause your teeth to chip or break. The metals can also rub against the gums and lead to loss of your teeth with time. Mouth jewellery of any type can encourage bacteria build-up in the mouth, while it also destroys the nerves in the tongue thereby resulting in numbness of the tongue among so many other health risks.

Frequent snacking

All manner of (starchy) snacks should be consumed with caution. Apart from the occasional high sugary contents, the snacks will usually cling in between the teeth where your saliva is not able to totally wash them off. When they are broken down they readily stick to the teeth and create a perfect environment for bacterial plaque to form, and cause damage to your teeth. After snacking on biscuits, chips, cakes, candies, etc. try to floss or brush the teeth so as to keep down the level of plaque.

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