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‘Telemedicine Important in Health Service Delivery’

AdvertisementThe Chief Technology Officer, Me Cure Healthcare Limited, Mr Adil Shaiku, has stressed the need for health care providers to embrace telemedicine, saying it was important in bringing health care services to the doorsteps of patients.

Shaiku, at a briefing to mark the 10th anniversary of the company on Friday in Lagos, said the Me Cure Smart Buy app was designed to make health care convenient and affordable to the residents of Lagos.

He said, “We are providing access to qualified doctors whereby patients can book an appointment through the app and doctors will call them back for consultation. It is free and a part of our corporate social responsibility. Any medication bought through the smart buy will be delivered at patients’ doorsteps in Lagos.

A consultant pathologist, Dr Ajie Obiefunna, said the diagnostics arm of the facility was established to overcome the challenges patients faced in carrying out investigations and examinations which he said would help many Nigerians access proper treatment and reduce avoidable deaths.

“Diagnostics is part of the health management of patients, it is quite difficult for healthcare providers to have all the diagnostic tools in one setting, so patients were having the problem of get their investigations done to the point that patients had to travel out for that purpose.

“Quite a number of people lost their lives unavoidably because of the lack of investigative tools and part of what Me Cure has been able to achieve in the past 10 years is that it has been able to bridge that gap and contribute physically in helping our health care professionals, hospitals and clinics save many lives through its diagnostic centre,” he said

Also, a Consultant Ophthalmologist at the Me Cure Eye Centre, Dr Adegboyega Alabi, said the company was founded to revolutionalise the country’s health care industry, as well as provide and serve the teeming population with quality eye care.

Source: Medical World Nigeria

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