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Good Eating Habit, Lemon Water Keeps Cancer Away  –Nutritionist

Good Eating Habit, Lemon Water Keeps Cancer Away –Nutritionist

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Expert nutritionists say one way you can stay fit and healthy all year round is by maintaining healthy natural and informed dietary behaviour. Also, maintaining a regular relationship with your popular yellow oval citrus with juicy acidic flesh – Lemon (water) should be a habit you must choose not to ignore. According to renowned nutritionist and medical expert with the Osh State Medical University in Moscow, Russia, Dr. Guruprasad Reddy B V, Lemon water is able to stave off cancer if you make a habit of it. According to Guruprasad Reddy, drinking hot lemon water on a regular basis is capable of keeping you free of all forms of cancer, adding that you do not need to add sugar to it. You must have also heard of cold lemon water; but you should understand that for this purpose, hot lemon wa