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Stop Ignoring the Hair Coming Out Of Your Nose

It is fact of life that as we grow older, we begin to lose hair in certain areas and start growing it in others. You step into the bathroom, stare at the mirror and lift your head up simultaneously. What do you see peeking out from your nose? Sometimes you observe ‘microscopic’ hair.

Taming the growing nose hair on a regular basis has become a common challenge for the modern man. Biologically, nasal hairs are there for a reason; they are part of your body’s natural immune system. When you breathe through your nose, toxins, dust, bacteria, and other pollutants get trapped in the hairs.

It protects you from numerous airborne pathogens by creating a barrier between your respiratory system and the outside world. So, you do actually need nasal hair. But the question is, how much? It turns out that you really do not need a lot of nose hair to reap its natural health benefits according to experts. Then, the only real course of action may be to remove ‘tame’ them. According to an American skin care expert, Dr. Debra Jaliman, it is all right to trim your nasal hairs.

The nose contains two types of hair: microscopic hair-like cilia and coarser hairs that you might have seen peeking out of your nose. If you have had these coarse, protruding, and sometimes embarrassing nose hairs, then removing them is an easy and quick process. You just need a little knowledge to make sure you don’t damage the delicate, sensitive skin inside of your nose.

You can find in the market or shopping mall, a handful of options to get rid of unwanted nose hair: You can find the trimmer, scissors, electric razor and tweezers. It is just a matter of preference.  However, Jaliman says that the right approach to trimming nose hairs is by using cuticle scissors, in that “they don’t completely eliminate the hairs which play significant roles in filtering foreign particles and regulating moisture.” Meanwhile he says before doing this you should ensure to clean the scissors by rubbing alcohol on it to kill off germs.


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