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Signs Your Sperm is Virile and Healthy

Signs Your Sperm is Virile and HealthyEven though you may not be able to tell if your semen is strong and healthy just by taking a casual look at yourself, but scientifically there are sure signs research has proven will be able to give you a near perfect clue even as you await your doctors comprehensive report.

Really, you do not have to look like a ‘Macho man’ to prove your sperm is in superlative shape, but scientists working in the Netherlands say that from their studies, men with waist circumference of 40 inches and more had lower sperm concentrations and counts of normal-moving sperm than males with trim midsection or tummy. Although they say they are not too sure why this happens but they conclude that too much weight around your waist inhibits the release of sex hormones as well as the production and development of sperm.

This next one is bound to shock you; but Spanish and Finnish researchers working on this subject have said that men, who cut the typical manly looks i.e. wider and broader facial appearance, tend to have poorer sperm quality than guys with somewhat feminine looking faces! A theoretical explanation for this they say is what is called ‘tradeoff hypothesis’. This means that men have a devoted amount of energy for reproductive resources, and this energy has to be distributed to different parts.

According to the study author, Jukka Kekalainen, Ph.D, said “So, if a male consumes more resources on semen production, he may have fewer resources available for developing attractive secondary sexual traits, like facial masculinity.”

Are you a fish eater? Then happy are you when you do this more often than you would love meat and everything salty, red and processed. Researchers say that male folks who consume more fish than meat are bound to enrich their sperm production, and motility. Fish has been found to aid the production of normal-shaped sperms – with a 65 percent greater sperm concentration over and above those who ate the least fish. The researchers say fish’s omega-3s with its long-chain of polyunsaturated fatty acids contribute so much in sperm production.

Wearing of loose underpants such as boxers also means that your ‘swimmers’ are more likely to experience the least restriction and achieve high motility. Scientists say on the other hand men who are looking to fathering children should keep off tight underwear simply because “loose-fitting underwear may result in lower scrotal temperature compared to tight-fitting underwear, hence an improvement in semen quality,” said study author, Andrew Povey, Ph.D.

Also, researchers from Harvard discovered that men who engaged in moderate to vigorous regular exercises – say 15 hours or more a week, had a sperm concentration 73 percent more than those who did not. Apart from this exercise keeps you in good shape, boosts your antioxidants expression which fights free radicals capable of damaging sperm cells. Exercise therefore has been found to greatly aid your sperm quality – leading to awesome reproductive health.


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