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Should Women Shave Their Legs?

Should Women Shave Their Legs?Not all women are blessed with flawless skin. And for some, hair growth is the least of their problems. Interestingly, the issue of women’s body hair and specifically on the legs has been in the news for a while.
This is not a subject some ladies like to talk about openly. Ask any number of women who have toned legs and want to be hair free. They might tell you that they shave their bodies for a number of reasons. Some would resort to shaving because it is becoming equally popular for the many benefits it offers, besides being a quick and easy alternative. A woman might want to shave her legs to help her chances at advancing in the corporate world for example, where there is a certain expectation to fit in with clients and co-workers. Some prefer shaved legs because it feels smooth or sexy. There is even the notion that women who don’t shave their legs are often unattractive to men.
For the other class of women on the other side of the divide, they actually believe it is unfair that men can proudly parade their armpits, leg hair and beard around, while women who are naturally endowed with the same hair must feel ashamed and embarrassed.
Investigations have revealed that some of these women completely ignore shaving their legs for reasons like time consumption or the fact that they are happy with the natural state of their bodies. I have heard some say that there are more important things for women to worry about than whether it is right or wrong to shave their legs. So they would rather not put their skin into more unavoidable hassles all in the name of looking good.
Perhaps, it would be unfair to say a lady who does not shave her legs or use other forms of hair removal is dirty. That is far from the truth. I have always wondered why some ladies choose to shave their legs or use hair removing cream and every other form of evasive hair removal procedure in order to attain the ultimate hair-free legs.
Beauty therapists stress that choosing to shave your legs is a personal matter. Simply, there are no medical benefits to this. They also note that shaving is not always suitable for all skin types. It has been suggested that extra sensitive skin can get easily irritated right after you have shaven because it removes a very thin layer of your skin along the process. In another light, repetitive usage of a razor may cause red or dark spots that are definitely a “put-off” for those opposed to shaving body hair.
Nathalie Eleni, a celebrity makeup artist and a manicurist in the UK explains, “Shaving technique is important for those who want to have a clean shave. There is more to achieving soft, smooth, hair-free skin than a few strokes with a razor. What you do before and after the shave is just as important”.
For all those who may be basking in the glory of having smooth skin after shaving, according to beauty therapists, a little body lotion helps to keep the skin soft and supple post-shave. You can also find the following tips helpful:

Simply start at your ankles and use long, upwards strokes
Make sure that you regularly rinse the razor to stop it clogging. (soap use is optional)
And Shave the whole leg, right to the top. This helps to soothe any inflammation and replenish any lost moisture.


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