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Rotary Club Begins Eye Screening in Palm-Grove Estate

Over 700 people were at the weekend screened at the free eye camp organised by the Rotary Club of Lagos Palm-Grove Estate. Of the number, about 300 have been earmarked for cataract and pterigium operations to be sponsored by the club.
According to the club’s incoming president, Atul Kshetry, the eye camp, which is the club’s star project, would provide sight for 1,500 people and give out 3,000 reading glasses to beneficiaries without any cost.
He added that the previous nine editions of the programme had given sight to over 17,000 people.“This year, we are expanding the scope of the project. Apart from our club, we are involving about five to eight other clubs in the district to collaborate in the exercise. These clubs will shoulder the responsibility of doing the screening and will give us about 100 screened patients ready for cataract operation.
“Our club would carry out screening for six Saturdays in the month of July and August while other clubs would carry out theirs on other scheduled days. About 12 to 13 screenings would take place before the major surgery,” he said.
Kshetry enumerated other projects for the service year to include free limps to about 500 beneficiaries, health camps, blood donations as well as free test for those with hypertension. “This year, we are going to include vocational training sessions, which we started last year. We will also give scholarships,” he said.
The President-elect disclosed that it unveiled a new club, Rotary Club of Lagos Island, which had received its charter certificate, adding that the club has carried out its inaugural free diabetes test.
Past President Ramesh Biswal, who has been appointed Chair, Public Image/Relations Committee for 2016-2017 for the district, said the club would also embark on blood donation this year, one of its flagship programmes.
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