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Resident Doctors Withdraws Suit Against JUTH, Seek Buhari’s Assent to RTP Act

Resident Doctors Withdraws Suit Against JUTH, Seek Buhari’s Assent to RTP ActRising from an Extraordinary National Executive Council meeting (E-NEC), which held in Abuja on Saturday, the National Association of Resident Doctors of Nigeria (NARD) has withdrawn the suit against the management of Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) and has opted for Out of Court Settlement on the issue of unjustly sacked resident doctors in the hospital.
The doctors during the meeting also observed that the Residency Training Programme (RTP) Act passed long ago by the legislature is still awaiting Presidential assent despite it being central to addressing the challenges in Post Graduate Medical Training in Nigeria. The NEC therefore unanimously appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to graciously assent to the RTP Act so as to lay to rest all the contentious issues affecting resident doctors in Nigeria.
According to the communique, there is also an extant circular on duration of Residency Training Program (RTP) released by the Federal Ministry of Health on July 18, 2014 which is not being implemented by many Tertiary Health Institutions.
The resident doctors had earlier doubted the possibility of guaranteeing continuous industrial harmony following the expiration of 63days ultimatum issued to the Federal Government to effect recall of all sacked residents doctors in JUTH and also to meet all outstanding agreement contained in the September 6, 2017 Memorandum of Terms of Settlement.
“You did that for the benefit of our patients and our Country at large and further demonstrated commitment to the cause of patients. You bore true allegiance to the Physician’s pledge and you are well appreciated. As believers in advocacy and constructive engagement, the NARD leadership has gone about our negotiations diligently, and we will be exploring all avenues necessary in resolving disputes, particularly having at the back of our mind the centrality and importance of the patient in all of these social and health equations,”
NARD further enjoined all its members to continue to work assiduously towards uplifting the image of the health sector as well as continue to be dedicated to patient management. “We urge all members to embrace other health workers as they return to work because we are partners in progress and extend a warm hand of fellowship so we move together in one purposeful direction-Quality Patient Management,”
“NARD believes that the Federal Government of Nigeria would meet all our outstanding agreement as contained in the 06/09/2017 Memorandum of Terms of Settlement (MOTOS) between Government, NARD and NMA and also sort out all our outstanding welfare issues in the shortest possible time,” the communiqué stated.

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