AdvertisementRecently the PSN President, Pharm. (Mazi) Sam Ohuabunwa was at the University of Port Harcourt to deliver the keynote address at the 8th Induction Ceremony of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. His lecture aptly titled PHARMACY PRACTICE – WHAT THEY MAY NOT TEACH YOU IN THE UNIVERSITY, was just what the 87 newly graduated pharmacists needed to set the ball rolling as they get into the outside world and into the job market.

The visiting PSN President was received by the PSN Rivers State led by the newly elected State Chairman, Pharm. Chima Agnellus Ogbu. While addressing the inductees Ohuabunwa reminded them to bear in mind the fact that, “the mere possession of a B.Pharm degree or even PharmD is not adequate guarantee that we shall be successful in the practice or even in the world. There are a lot of variables out there in the world which will determine our success or failure.”

He also drew their attention to the need to put on their thinking caps as they set out to confront the future and make it what they will. He stated that that was his major aim of coming to be a part of their great day, adding that, the fact remains that they hold their destinies in their own hands in that they could go out to become whatever they set their minds to be. Ohuabunwa prayed for the young pharmacists and urged them to remember that they could only achieve their dreams with hard work, determination and the grace of God.

“Look around you and you will find those who have made it in our profession and those also who have not made it – some early and some much later. In all cases you will find some basic and common ingredients which run through their lives”, he added.

He later listed some of the necessary ingredients for a successful career to include as follows:
• Vision – determine where you want to be. Envision the future.
• Knowledge – seek, search, explore
• Determination – being focused with hard work
• Persistence – never say die
• Planning – key to all successes
• Passion – A deep seated internal motivation to achieve
• Entrepreneurship – element of risk. No venture no success
• Adaptability to Technology & Change – Nimble, current & dynamic
• Integrity/ Honesty – it is the best policy, character is everything
• Time Management – self-discipline/ being organised
• Inter-professional Relationships – social styles/ partnerships/ networking – open doors! Productive relationships
• Fear & Trust in God – the bedrock

By Sammy Adaba

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