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The Nigerian Psychological Association (NPA) has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to assent to the bill for an ACT to establish the Nigerian Council for Psychologists (NCfP) already passed by the National Assembly for the good of Nigerians

President of NPA, Prof Michael Ezenwa who made the call in Abuja recently, stressed that when NCfP bill is signed into Law, it would provide the needed regulation for high standard psychologists that Nigerians deserve.
Ezenwa who described psychology as the scientific study of human behaviour with a view to predicting and controlling same, added that it is a highly specialised field that spans into all areas of human endeavour.
According to him, psychology has different branches that addresses different areas, which include clinical, military, forensic, school, industrial and organisational, as well as social psychology.
He said: “Many of the developmental challenges facing Nigeria has to do with negative attitude which requires professionally planned behavioural changes. Psychologists can offer this to Nigeria.
”The NCfP bill when signed into law, will provide the needed regulation for high standard psychologists that Nigerians deserve.
”It is my belief that many of our issues as a country may have stemmed from absence of psychologists in the main frame of the public and private sectors in Nigeria.”
Ezenwa explained that if Nigeria was to have functional psychological service centres across the country, many persons that committed suicide may have had a space to vent their concerns than the regrettable act.
”If Nigeria had integrated psychologists in all hospitals, both public and private, ministries and agencies of government, if individuals and communities have had the space to discuss their challenges with trained psychologists, there would have been many opportunities for the citizens to seek and receive help and this may have arrested many mental and social issues from escalation.
”Indeed, many issues of suicide are related to mental health challenge of depression and even in severe depression when medication may become important, psychological treatment is still an integral component of intervention for better outcome. In the absence of these services therefore, proper management of the condition will become a challenge,” he said.
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