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The Problem of Thin fashion Models

In recent times Fashion models have begun to face some form of close scrutiny for eligibility in fashion shows. This emerging trend has been gradually stepping up since a few years back when for instance fashion models that were regarded as too thin for comfort were excluded from Canada’s Montreal Fashion Week in 2007.

downloadAll of this is happening because over time, there has been a growing concern in the fashion industry such that show organisers in Paris, Milan, and around the world are beginning to respond to criticisms about the women who model each season’s fashions. Following this, the British Fashion Council had recommended that models be screened for eating disorders since September 2008. An official statement said that models were going to provide a medical certificate showing that they are not anorexic.

As it is, it seems that after all, fashion show organisers and modeling agencies are beginning to listen to reason. This followed ongoing outcry from close watchers of fashion shows and parents, as well as the general public – concerning the serious health implications of the processes involved in the grooming of fashion models, and making them to actually hit the runways. Sometimes you would look at these models and you are moved with pity instead; usually they do not look very happy even as they are making lots of income for themselves.

Series of attention had been drawn to fashion model agencies and fashion designers who are in the habit of arm-twisting their models to remain very thin or else forfeit the lucrative career. But concerned watchers including parents and health experts have also joined voices with the general public in condemning this trend; and as it stands, this fashion trend is gradually beginning to be on its way out. In recent times we have been observing a few models that look healthy, and it seems that we are in for a change of trend, and a new era in fashion modeling, and this is good especially for the health of the models.

Even today in Nigeria and elsewhere, a few fashion show organisers have begun to showcase models that are on the plump side. But in as much as this is commendable – helping to bolster self esteem in the rotund female folks, it should not take away the importance and need to encourage people including the women folk, on the health benefits of maintaining a good weight and staying fit.

Hitherto, fashion models have been compelled to starve themselves in order to remain extremely thin – in keeping with the dictates of the industry. Whilst they do this they endanger their health, and so many youngsters having been misled in this way, have resorted to starving themselves, leading them to becoming heavily malnourished and underweight. For many decades since this craze has been on, the world had had to battle with the sickening health problem of anorexia among so many girls who had been totally deluded to think that being very thin is attractive and fashionable.

Morgan Nwanguma

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