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Pharmamax Amlodipine, Lisinopril Gain Market Share in Nigeria

AdvertisementThe Management of KCH Group has announced a phenomenal preference of its anti-hypertensive medicines marketed under the brand names- Pharmamax Amlodipine and Pharmamax Lisinopril for the management and control of high blood pressure among patients in the country.

‘’In value and volume, Pharmamax Amlodipine and Lisinopril have maintained an incremental customer preference for a period covering more than six months over similar products across the country,’’ said Morgan Nwanguma, Manager, Corporate Communications and New Media at KCH Group in a press statement.
He said that in the latest audit by his organization using testimonies from doctors, pharmacists, and patients who prescribe, dispense and make use of these medicine respectively as well as reports from sales representatives working for the organization, both anti-hypertensive medicines regarded as the flagship brands of the KCH Group had been well received by Nigerians than other products of their kind during the period under review.

Nwanguma, who attributed the success story to efficacy, accessibility, and affordability of the essential drugs to the greatest population of Nigerians who need them also said that the KCH Group strives at all times to deliver quality medicines to patients with integrity and ethical business practices. According to him, the vantage position the products occupy in the country is the consequence of hard work and commitment to offer medicines that are safe, effective, and of good quality as required by the World Health Organization (WHO) and in substantial compliance to the KCH Group vision to be a leader in marketing high quality generic medicines in Africa.’’

The KCH image maker further said that the positive performance of the medicines would bolster his organization’s quest to accomplish its mission statement that is anchored on increasing access to high quality essential generic medicines for people across regions of Africa with speed powered by technology. He disclosed that the latest positive performances showed a pattern of record that had been consistent in geometric proportions with the anti-hypertensive products since they were introduced into the country a couple of years ago.

The anti-hypertensive brands, he emphasized are formulated and manufactured according to internationally approved best practices to help prevent stroke, heart attacks, and kidney associated problems that could arise in the event of unmanaged high blood pressure. The medications work by relaxing blood vessels so that blood can flow more easily.

The products come in 5mg and 10mg dosage regimen to address different levels of high blood pressure control and management demands among patients even as he admonished users to adhere strictly to doctor’s recommendation in the administration of the medicines.

By Chigbu Nwaobia

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