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Pharmaceutical Healthcare More Than Just Drug Dispensing -FIP Global Report

Pharmaceutical Healthcare More Than Just Drug Dispensing -FIP Global ReportThe soul of pharmacy globally is well known to be the critical role pharmaceutical healthcare plays in ensuring wellbeing of the public through ensuring an integrated approach to quality assurance (including good manufacturing practice) through the validation of the various stages of production and the testing of products before release.

Even beyond that, the pharmacist being a trained professional druggist is also expected to play key advisory role in regards to his relationships to both physician and patient. Pharmaceutical health looks into proper marketing practices related to health care and to the provision of appropriate information to health professionals and the public at large.

A number of advanced community pharmacy services are offered in more than 50% of countries and territories, which cover over three-quarters of the world’s population, according to a new publication launched by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), at the recently concluded World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Seoul, South Korea. The document, “Pharmacy at a glance: 2015–-2017”, is a publicly accessible summary of the latest detailed survey that FIP conducts every two years.

A survey was conducted, and among the 79 countries and territories covered, it was discovered that medicines use review services were available in 68%. Disease management programmes (e.g., for diabetes, hypertension or asthma) were available in at least 47%, while the measuring of clinical parameters such as blood pressure, blood sugar, body mass index, were present in 62% of territories. However, the lead author of the study, Mr. Gonçalo Sousa Pinto says only 12% of these services were found to be covered by health insurance (public or private), meaning that their costs are largely taken care of by the pharmacy or the patient, or both.

Experts say the survey is an authoritative source of information on the state of the pharmacy profession at the global level. It gives a panoramic view of issues ranging from the distribution of pharmacists in different sectors, and access to pharmacies, to models of generic medicines dispensing/substitution as well as the availability of drugs via online platforms. The summary of the report, which presents the data in eight infographics, also includes a section on hospital pharmacy regulation and professional services.

“This report provides a snapshot of how the profession is practiced, regulated and remunerated, what the global pharmacy workforce is, and how medicines are distributed to patients worldwide. It identifies emerging challenges and opportunities, and empowers FIP member organisations to advocate for improved health outcomes through pharmacists,” Mr. Sousa Pinto said.

He added: “This study provides evidence of the multiple contributions of pharmacists to the efficiency and sustainability of health care systems and to improving health. It stands as proof of the commitment of pharmacists as a vital and engaged health care profession.”

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