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‘Our Services Have Improved Healthcare Outcomes’

AdvertisementMeCure Healthcare Limited has said its ten years of operating in Nigeria have contributed immensely to the development of the country’s healthcare system through improved healthcare outcomes. This was the position of the management of the diagnostics giant as the company celebrated its first 10 years in the country.

While rededicating itself to better service delivery, the company promised to increase its contributions towards quality service in diagnostics, optometry, pharmaceutical and oncology for improved and better patients’ outcomes. As part of activities to mark the anniversary, MeCure launched its new innovative product, ‘MeCure Smart Buy,’ to ensure Nigerians access healthcare easily at their convenience.

Explaining the significance of the milestone, Dr. Obiefuna Ajie, chief medical officer and consultant pathologist, MeCure, said the diagnostics arm of the health facility has helped many Nigerians access proper treatment and reduce avoidable deaths, adding that the centre was borne out of the need to bridge the challenges patients face in carrying out investigations and examinations to guide treatments.

“Diagnostics is part of health management of patients. It is quite difficult for healthcare providers to have all the diagnostic tools in one setting; so patients were having problem to get their investigations done to the point that patients had to travel out for that purpose.

“Quite a number of people lost their lives unavoidably because of lack of those investigative tools and part of what MeCure has been able to achieve in the past 10 years is that it has been able to bridge that gap and contribute physically in helping our healthcare professionals, hospitals and clinics save many lives through its diagnostic centre,” he said.

On the pharmaceutical aspect, which the facility started with, Ajie said its focus is to ensure that the dream of having a vibrant primary health care is achieved in the country. The facility has achieved this through the provision of quality, affordable and accessible medicines, he added. Another item on the list of activities to mark the 10 years anniversary is the free glaucoma screening the company provided to Nigerians. According to Dr. Alabi Adegboyega, consultant ophthalmologist, MeCure, the gesture is to ensure the burden of preventable blindness is reduced in the country. He stressed that the ophthalmology arm of the health facility, which provides the teeming population with quality eye care, is part of what the company has brought on board to revolutionalise the country’s healthcare industry. “We discovered that quite a number of people have glaucoma, but didn’t know and many were screened and detected. The message is that, all the health facilities that have the capacity should provide eye care to help our people overcome eye conditions,” he added.

Speaking on the new product, Adil shaiku, chief technology officer, MeCure, said the company has introduced an e-Commerce platform, ‘MeCure Smart Buy,’ a form of telemedicine where the public can communicate with pharmacists and doctors at no cost through their phones at their convenience and get healthcare services at affordable prices. “Telemedicine is what we have brought into our primary healthcare. The offering we have is called the ‘MeCure Smart Buy.’ This product is to make healthcare convenient and affordable to the general population in Lagos. We are providing access to a qualified panel of doctors completely free. You can book an appointment with the app download on your phone and then our doctors will give you a call to know your ailment and prescribe medication and diagnostic test if required,” Shaiku added.

While lamenting that lack of state-of-the-art equipment for treatment has limited the positive outcome of patients in the country, Jide Fadirepo, chief operating officer, MeCure (Oshodi centre), said government should partner with the private health facilities to provide an enabling environment for improved healthcare delivery. This, he said, can be achieved by ensuring reduced tariffs in the importation of lifesaving equipment and consumables as well as eliminating the long and worrisome process of clearing the commodities from the ports.

Source: Medical World Nigeria

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