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Oral Health Deserves More Attention —Orthodontist

Oral Health Deserves More Attention —OrthodontistOrthodontist and dentist, Dr. Amy Traore-Shumbusho, has called on Nigerians to pay more attention to their dental health.
Shumbusho, the founder of Smile360 and initiator, Project Smile, spoke in Lagos at the award ceremony of Project Smile 4.0 contest for free oral treatment.
She described the negative effects of dental defects as appalling as the condition batters the self-esteem and mental health of affected persons, preventing them from contributing meaningfully to the development of their society.
She said, “The desire to smile is wired in us and failure to express that due to dental flaws has many social ramifications such as one becoming a recluse or developing pitiable behaviours. Thus, the victims continue with the unbearable pain of their inability to smile due to a lack of the financial capacity to afford smile makeover treatment on their own.”
Speaking about the Project Smile 4.0 contest, Shumbusho noted that each of all 288 candidates who entered for the contest deserved the intervention offered under the programme.
“However, our provisions can only accommodate three winners from the mild, moderate and severe categories, while we encourage well-meaning individuals to join the movement by sponsoring the treatment of people living with dental defects,” she added.
Meanwhile, the winner in the Mild Category, Olufunto Siyanbola, noted that she had tried saving from her meagre earnings towards a dental treatment for a long time but the cost was too high.
She said, “Everywhere I went to, each year rolled by giving me the impression that it’s a pipe dream but I kept my faith alive that it would happen and luck smiled on me through Project Smile.I wasted no time to enter for the contest and I can’t wait to commence the makeover programme.”
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