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NMA, PSN to Tackle Quackery

NMA, PSN to Tackle Quackery* Doctors condemn attack on colleague
The Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) and the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) are set to root out quackery in the profession by deploying high-tech tools, its President, Dr. Mike Ogirima, has said.
Speaking in Lagos during the NMA’s officials’ visit to PSN secretariat, he said every registered member with the Medical and Dental Council (MDCN) would be given a seal and stamp, with their names uploaded on the MDCN website.
“The executives and the committee set up to just monitor and expose quacks will move and ascertain the authenticity of the seal and stamp. We will deploy instruments like POS for that, and once the stamp or seal failed to read then we know such is a fake, and will be handed over to the doctor,” Ogrima said.
He said the exercise would commence in August. “The seal and stamp will be renewable over a period of time, so either they are used by the doctor or not, after the expiration there will be need for a new one,’’ he said.
Ogirima said both NMA and PSN had vowed to bury the hatchet and focus on patient care and development of the sector.
PSN President Alhaji Ahmed Yakasai and Ogirima said on resumption of duties, they agreed to pursue peace by looking at all the areas of discord, adding that the national bodies also agreed to work together.
Ogirima said not only medics and pharmacists would be bonding for the sake of patients but other professionals, too. “A significant novelty match has been put up in Abeokuta to herald this relationship. So also will we play table tennis, Badminton, golf, and other games. This will show the harmonious relationship of all professionals in the health sector for the betterment of our patient. I have vowed that not in my tenure will I lead doctors on strike and till date no national strike has been called by NMA.”
Ogirima said he gave kudos to the leadership of PSN for initiating the peace accord with doctors. “The issues that were in court between past leaders of both groups have also been settled out of court. We are happy this is happening in our time,” said Dr Ogirima.
“In the spirit of peace and harmony, with mutual respect, trust, collaboration and teamwork we can build a formidable healthcare sector we can all be proud of. As pharmacists, we are expanding our umbrella hence the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria (PCN) has allowed pharmacist technicians to be given admission to study pharmacy from 200 level. Nigeria Universities Commission (NUC) has also ruled on that. We are making changes to reflect this, so we have Pharmacy law appropriation to replace Pharmacists law to give room for their own representative to be in the Council,” said Alhaji Yakasai.
Yakasai decorated Dr Ogirima with a beautiful Medallion with the logo of Nigerian Medical Association and reiterated his belief in unity, collaboration, mutual respect and teamwork in the health sector for the benefits of the nation and the good people of this the country. Dr Ogirima appreciated the gesture, describing it as an act of generosity and the show of love of PSN and as well as described Yakasai as an ambassador of peace and progress.
Meanwhile, Dr Ogirima has condemned the attack on one of his colleagues at the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi.
“For a soldier to brazenly beat up a doctor in the course of his duty is abhorred. If the armed man had had a gun with him, he would have shot the doctor. That is condemnable. I have talked to the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) Igbobi branch to call off their strike just as we expect the hospital’s management to take up the matter with the right authorities,” Ogirima said.
He said every individual is expected to be civil while discharging his professional duties and, “under no circumstance should anyone be subjected to humiliation o even threat to life, as experienced by our colleague at Igbobi”,  Ogirima said.
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