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NMA Launches Digital ID Cards for Doctors

This was unveiled at its 2017 annual general meeting and scientific conference which reflected on the roles of advanced technology in medicine and sustained fight against quackery in medicine.
Dr Chiedozie Achonwa, chairman of the association in the FCT, said its new digital identity arose from a need to identify its members, provide easy access to real doctors and combat quackery.
“As we gather information on the new digital ID cards, we are also planning of having an electronic directory where with just a click, patients are able to access different doctors with different specialties,” Achonwa said.
“And of course this will help to resolve the issue of quackery in medicine, as this new identity format will provide only real doctors to the public.”
Dr Elijah Miner in his lecture on the topic, ‘medicine in the 21st century’ urged medical regulators to “check, re-check and check” all people opening medical outlets if they had a database to come to.
“There are lots of things happening out there and the main thing is good attitude towards our patients. Medical practitioners need to be courteous to patients as this in turn builds the patient’s confidence in the treatment to be received.
“Let’s look within ourselves and ask questions like, what is our attitude. If it changes, then technology and leadership will fall in place,” he said.
He said new technologies are coming into Nigeria sooner than expected, citing microchip technology which immediately diagnose diseases accurately with a drop of blood or saliva then transmit to a super computer.
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