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Nigerian Paediatric Surgeon Separates Conjoined Twins in USA

Nigerian Paediatric Surgeon Separates Conjoined Twins in USAAnother mile stone was recorded recently by a Nigerian doctor in far away America. Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye is a Co-Director of the Texas Children’s Foetal Centre and foetal surgery team member, as well as a general paediatric surgeon.
Recently, the medical expert living and working in the United States of America led a team of 75 specialists – working round the clock to successfully separate a set of conjoined twin girls in the State of Texas, in a gruelling process that lasted 12 hours. In the end the thirteen-month-old girls (Anna Grace and Hope Elizabeth Richards) are able to live their lives separately, the experts say.
The twins were given birth just a little more than a year ago but separated recently at the Texas Children’s Hospital in a 7 hour delicate surgery led by the Nigerian born Paediatric Surgeon. Olutoye led a team of surgeons, cardiologists, nurses – experts from 8 different specialities in order to carry out the feat. The team have prepared towards this task since November of 2017 to separate and save the lives of the two girls, and put smiles on the faces of the parents (Jill and Michael Richards), and now we have it.
So far, Dr. Olutoye has confirmed to news men that the girls are doing remarkably well. According to the video monitored on Fox News, the girls were joined in the chest, the abdomen, the torso, and the chest wall; the lining in the heart, diaphragm and the liver as well all had to do with the sort of complication that the experts had to deal with.
It will be recalled that also in November of 2016 Dr. Olutoye performed a similar feat when he successfully carried out a surgical operation on an un-born baby with tumour in her mother’s womb. For that great act the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari sent the brilliant doctor an official congratulatory message.

 Morgan Nwanguma

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