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NGO To Rehabilitate 50 Drug Addicts In Kaduna

The Kawo axis  has earlier been reported severally of been terrorised by a deadly group recently proscribed by the state government known as the Sara -Suka and Yanshara gangs, but the organisation said they have completed plans  to stem the tide of hooliganism and terror in the area.
Speaking to newsmen shortly after the group launched it’s office at Hanyin Banki in kawo, Umar Ilyasu Ahmed, the president of the group said among the 50 persons targeted for the rehabilitation,  they have succeeded in getting 20 persons among them on the track to shun hooliganism and drug addiction.
He said part of the strategies adopted was to identify the leaders of the group and educate them on healthy and productive ways of living.
“One of the strategies we adopted was to pick the leaders of the bad gangs  and we passed messages of hope  for better future to them through the leaders. “In fact the strategy is working maximally as they (the leaders) are even  helping us to recover dangerous weapons from their peers.
“When we asked them what was their problem, the reason why they resorted to hooliganism, they lamented they wished to continue their education but due to poor background and non support from parents and community led them to thuggery.”
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