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Natural Approaches To Treating Headaches

Natural Approaches To Treating HeadachesWhen you have a headache you may feel that your head is about to literally break in two. This is not really so, yet headaches can be so devastating at times. Headaches are not necessarily sicknesses or diseases on their own but symptoms of underlying issues seeking attention. So many issues can be responsible for your headache, ranging from malaria to stress and even toxins in the body.

Headaches could also be classified into various types ranging from the usual to one sided ones called migraines, and also tension headache, etc. In all of these, there must be factors responsible for your headaches. Some of these factors are such as: Allergies or sensitivities, Dental conditions, Caffeine consumption or Medication, Constipation, heavy Metal toxicity, Brain haemorrhage, Meningitis, Glaucoma, Severe trauma, Brain tumours or infection, High blood pressure, Malaria (fever), etc.

Contrary to most people’s thinking, headaches do not necessarily originate from the head or brain, but they are clear (warning) signals of some other underlining effects like has been stated earlier – seeking attention. Experts say what is happening is that information is merely being carried from the originating sources along the nerves, to the spinal cord and then to the brain.

It is ‘normal’ that when headache strikes you attempt to get relief through the use of analgesics or painkillers of some sort, yet experts warn of the danger of over-dependence or indulgence on these seeming simple drugs. For instance, Dr. Albert Kelong Alkali, Chairman Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN), says “If you take like six tablets of paracetamol at once, your liver can pack up; same for panadol extra, etc.”

The pain you get from your headache is just a warning signal telling you that something is wrong somewhere and that you should apply necessary measures. Yet, you are to exercise utmost caution when doing so. According to a publication in Daily University Health News, it advises that “headache sufferers DO NOT use over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications or prescription migraine drugs too frequently or for long periods of time.” It also states that “OTC drugs are notorious for causing what is known as ‘rebound’ or ‘overuse’ headaches, leading to even more suffering.”

And so moving forward, we can safely turn to some of the safest and equally cheap resources that abound naturally in dealing with your headache. It is always important however to consult your physician when these symptoms show up, or you could take some over-the-counter (OTC) remedies, but the whole idea is for you to realise that too much dependence on these chemical drugs have proven themselves to be highly injurious to the human system in the long run.

While migraines can be tackled by any means that helps you to achieve relaxation, tension headaches which includes most of the types earlier mentioned, can be resolved by the following measures:

  • Maintaining good posture always
  • Taking frequent breaks from whatever you are doing
  • Cultivating the habit of Relaxation
  • Doing simple Stretch Exercises
  • Making use of Cold packs
  • Taking Warm baths or Showers  
  • Cultivating the habit of Exercising regularly
  • Enjoying Deep breathing exercises

You can also always find relief and indeed healing for your headaches through conscious life style patterns like making sure you go to bed and get out of bed the same time every day. Other methods will include other forms of exercise and relaxation, as well as Diet and Nutrition.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day and you will be surprised how this simple act could turn things around for you. Your headache could be due to total or partial dehydration of the body or even the brain. Note that most part of your body as well as the brain is mainly water!

Also, watch your blood sugar levels by watching what you consume: Dr. Don Colbert, an American nutritional health expert and physician says, consuming too much of sugary drinks or foods can easily result in a heightened glucose level in the blood, which is also sometimes a factor that triggers headaches.

Eat High-Fibre diet such as whole wheat or wheat products, other cereals, tubers, fruits and so on. Colbert adds that foods that are low in fibre especially processed carbohydrates do not help your digestive activities thereby resulting in indigestion and constipation. This may also bring about the headache that is troubling you, and they equally end up raising your blood sugar.

You might also need to keep a food diary just to know if certain foods cause allergic reactions with you, or if they are triggers to your headache. For example, you could do away with your caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, and substances such as kola nuts. Also, you could put away your MSG (monosodium glutamate) which is a highly abused form of food ‘sweetener, contained in most seasonings that Nigerians consume today.


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