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NAFDAC: Drug Abuse Victims Risk STDs

NAFDAC: Drug Abuse Victims Risk STDsThe National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has raised the alarm over the dangers of drug abuse and alerted that youths engaging in the vice risk contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV infection and subsequent spread of AIDS.
Also, NAFDAC has highlighted that uninhibited sexual behaviour often demonstrated by those engaging in substance abuse may also result to unplanned parenthood with its attendant problems.
A representative of NAFDAC, Mrs. Christiana Obiazikwor who made these assertions, said an individual involved in drug abuse suffers a syndrome that predisposed victims to prefer drug use over food or other basic necessities of life, adding that victims of such abuse were deprived of nourishment and essential nutrients that should boost their immune systems, causing loss of immunity and retarded growth.
Obiazikwor spoke during NAFDAC’S anti-Drug Abuse campaign for youths, market women and drivers in in Surulere Local Government Area, L.G.A of Lagos State.
It is estimated that about 40 per cent of Nigerian youths engage in drug abuse, prompting the intervention of NAFDAC. She stated that the victim’s inability to make rational decision causes them to join secret cults which further encourages drug abuse.
Obiazikwor also linked violence conduct, lack of tolerance, impaired intelligence, and loss of concentration, severe depression, suicide attack and penchant to commit murder as exhibited by cult members to drug abuse, while adults who abuse substances are not exempted from all these reckless behaviours.
According to the representative of NAFDAC, the aim of the intervention is to sensitie and enlighten the people on the dangers of inappropriate drug use. While urging the youths to shun drug abuse, Obiazikwor noted that drug abuse was life threatening just it is a social menace.
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