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Men Folks and Nail Hygiene

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Do you ever think about how your hands look when you are getting dressed each morning? Indeed, for years men have been excused for their lack of grooming in the nail department. While many women take to a bi-weekly manicure, the men often don’t bother taking a second glance at their nails. Nowadays, an otherwise attractive man is likely to “loose points” for poor grooming and fingernails.

The hands attract a lot of attention. They are difficult to hide during daily activities in contrast to the face that can be masked with a hat. Just like you want your hair and skin to be healthy in the same way taking care of your nails is a crucial part of a neat and pulled together appearance.

Some women actually make it a point to look at a man’s hands and nails. Many think long nails with dirt under them are highly unattractive. Thus unsightly and un-groomed dirty nails impair the entire impression of a person.

Unfortunately some men fall prey on how to take care of their nails properly. It is a fact that dirt accumulates faster when you have long nails. Dirt and debris underneath your nails make you appear somewhat untidy. Even at this, some have the habit of biting their nails. They do it automatically without even realising it. Shabby fingernails unknowing to many men can be a massive turn off for many.

One of the first steps to taking care of your nails is to form the habit of trimming your nails on a regular basis. You can do this using a standard nail clipper to get your nails in order, as well as smoothing out the edges using a metal nail file afterwards.

Some men mistakenly believe that enjoying a manicure, pedicure, or other forms of nail care is not very masculine. However, in reality, manicures should not be gender specific. There is nothing more masculine than having the confidence to take care of yourself and ensure that you always look your best.

Additionally, experts say it is advisable to always wash your hands regularly; using hand wash or soaking your hands in a conditioning soap is highly recommended.

 By Gabriel Ifinnwa 

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