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Mayr Cure: Nigerian Scientists make breakthrough in Africa

• Patients advised to detoxify before attempting conception It is fast becoming popular as an alternative form of cure (especially in the advanced world) for various ailments including infertility, etc. Mayr cure or therapy is based on a detox programme to get rid of toxins at the end of which patients leave feeling fully… ,…toned, full of energy and excited. PharmeTimes Editor, MORGAN NWANGUMA in this Cover Story writes on the unique therapy developed by Franz Xavier Mayr in Austria in the early 20th century and in which a team of Nigerian researchers have recently made an exciting discovery.

Recently some Nigerian researchers achieved what could be described as a scientific breakthrough using the Mayr type of therapy to treat infertility in couples who go through assisted reproductive technology. “Managing environmental exposure in clinical practice” is the title of their project which was published in the journal Global Reproductive Health. Their work reveals that environmental toxins such as emanates from the different occupational industries like oil and gas, petrochemical, agriculture, as well as unwholesome dietary behaviours are factors that strongly work against our health and well being.

Mayr therapy is a detox programme designed to get rid of poisons in the body after which the patient is reinvigorated and of course looking all trim. In the early 20th century, Franz Xavier Mayr developed the Mayr Cure in Austria. At this moment in time, the Mayr principles conveyed a unique approach to avert sickness and other health problems, based on the premise that a healthy gut will bring about a better quality of general health. Today the Mayr Cure has been designed to suit each individual during an initial examination.

It aids the doctors in observing and better appreciating every individual’s unique physiology, so they are able to create a personalised strategy to purify, detoxify and renew their body. This cleansing process takes place through fasting and detox, aided by exercise and other possible treatment options. Mayr programmes generally end with a final examination so that the doctor and patient can not only discuss progress but also deliberate on suitable plans to enable good health while the patient leaves the clinic. Going through the Mayr Cure can really make for a positive and sustainable change in lifestyle.
For many a weight watcher and diet buffs, extreme diets have become a fad. But experts are beginning to warn seriously about the dangers of this. However, in the case of Mayr Cure, there is something about it that you just cannot afford to ignore. And as is to be expected, top celebrities and perhaps the nouveau-riches in society are fast clinging to it as if it were of course some sort of fashion trend.

The issue of ‘Self Poisoning’
The Mayr programme is centered on rest, cleansing, training as well as supplementing. In the process, patients spend a week at the lakeside retreat called Viva Mayr Clinic – an alpine lodge overlooking Lake Altaussee in Austria at the cost of about €5,000-7,000. Owing to its growing fame, similar other clinics have been springing up in different parts of the world.

The philosophy of the Mayr therapy is focussed on the gut and how the immune system originates there.
The research carried out by the team of Nigerian scientists led by Prof. Oladapo Ashiru is described as a ‘complementary treatment’ – a modern Mayr cure which is a process of detoxification in trying to resolve fertility issues in couples. The team at the Medical Art Centre in Lagos worked with 218 infertile patients who were administered in-vitro fertilisation treatment between January 2014 and December 2017.

Prior to their receiving additional assisted reproductive technology treatment, the infertile patients had been referred to MART-Life Detox clinic for a supervised modern Mayr-type of cleansing. Prof. Ashiru said, “The patients were placed in two groups – Group A consisted of 131 patients with a history of one or more failed IVF cycles at MART before commencing Mayr therapy. Group B consisted of 87 patients with no previous IVF treatment at MART.

“Mayr therapy using special dietary nutrition and equipment such as hypoxicator and sea oxygenator was performed. Improvement in their fertility outcomes with regards to oocyte yield, pregnancy and live birth rate were assessed in subsequent cycles following detoxification.”

Dr. Christine Stossier is the Medical Director of the Viva Mayr Centre for Modern Medicine, London. She points out that we are all guilty of ‘auto-intoxication’ or what she describes as, poisoning ourselves – when we consume the wrong things which our body finds more and more difficult to get rid of. “Our bodies are ill-equipped to deal with what we eat – namely the quantity of “gluten, manipulated dairy and low-fat foods,” she says– but more importantly, perhaps, the way we eat it: “quickly, as snacks, with little variety and, when we eat in restaurants, without much attention to the freshness of our vegetables”.

The Golden Rule
The Mayr method according to experts has some specific rules such as – it’s not so much of what you eat but many at times it’s how that matters, they say. Also, you ought to eat slowly: chew each mouthful 50 times or more until it turns liquid. Try to taste; don’t talk, read, e-mail or watch television. Drink a lot between meals but not during your meals. For the time being, give your system a rest say for four to five hours between each sitting, that is to say – no snacks. You’re advised to put your body in a rhythm by ensuring to eat at the same times each day. You should consume as little as you can in the evening because according to experts, your digestive system needs the rest.
All of this shows that long before gut health became as ‘fashionable’ as it has today, Franz Xavier was already into how significant it is for our general wellbeing. But the major highpoint of this programme of lifestyle is that for detoxification to be thorough, you must chew your food for not less than 50 times and take in about 600 calories on a daily basis.
Experts say for the treatment regimen which is usually applied for a period of one week, there are 4 levels or principles upon which the philosophy of Mayr cure rests.

Prof. Ashiru in explaining the working of Mayr therapy in his team’s project, said, “Today, it is recommended that before attempting conception, these toxins should be removed from the body to avoid problems of infertility and miscarriage or abnormality in the baby. Mayr therapy as practiced in Martlife Detox Clinic in Lagos offers such therapy opportunities.”

Four Basic Mayr Principles
The treatment focuses on four basic principles: Rest, Cleansing, Training and Supplementing. Each of these is fundamental to attaining an improved gut and better general wellbeing.

1. Rest: Designed to relieve pressure from the gut and to regenerate the digestive system, resting is characterised by consuming a very simple diet. At times only liquids are taken – including tea, broth and water. Drinking a warm glass of water in the morning is a gentle way to awaken the digestive system.

2. Cleansing: The aim of cleansing is to reduce the acids in the gut through the daily intake of bitter salts. During this stage, waste substances and excess acids are eliminated from the body.

3. Training: The goal of the training segment is to improve digestion as a whole by practising good habits. The Mayr cure recommends chewing each bite at least 30 times, drinking water only before or after, but not during meals and other lifestyle changes. By eating more consciously and chewing properly, the digestive system is better able to absorb important nutrients. This will also reduce the quantity of food consumption. The training section also includes manual medical abdominal treatments applied by a trained Mayr doctor to stimulate the liver and pancreas, as well as the gut.

4. Supplementing: Although supplementing does not have a specific phase, it occurs throughout the whole Mayr cure. Supplementing, as may be inferred, requires the intake of a variety of vitamins and minerals.

And of course, from the foregoing experts say you can adopt the same philosophy at home without the outrageous prices by simply eating with consciousness, chewing your bite at least 30 times, drinking 2litres of water every day and not eating raw food after 4 pm. But although some swear by the Mayr Cure, many in the medical industry dismiss these types of intense detoxifications as unnecessary. They argue that our body is perfectly designed to eliminate toxins in a more natural and less invasive way.

But in effect, just like everything in life demands, the reality of it all is to be found a little in the middle of things.
Prof. Ashiru said that 89 per cent of all patients who participated in the Martlife Detox Clinic project were able to attain remarkable decrease in their weights as well as better body mass index following the Mayr treatment course. Even at that, the scientists emphasise that randomised and controlled trials that will take cognisance of larger populations would be required to affirm a reaction pattern.

“Uniform increase in oocyte yield was observed but this was particularly noticeable in previous poor responders in group A. Records showed positive hCG rates of 41.2 per cent and 30 per cent, clinical pregnancy rates of 27.5 per cent and 21.8 per cent, and live birth rates of 23.7 per cent and 15 per cent, in group A and B, respectively. There are currently five ongoing pregnancies in group A and six in group B,” Ashiru stated.


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