Describing the lack of mentorship within the association as one of the causes of blunders among younger doctors, Oseni said, “Over the years, the roles of the elders have become necessary for us to be able to move the profession forward. Recently, we realised that some of our elders are not as active as they used to be in the association.

“Medical practice has to do with experience. It is like an apprenticeship, which requires you learn from the trainer. That was what prompted this event. We need to acknowledge that we will lose a lot of wisdom if we don’t acknowledge them.”

Oseni said that it was necessary to learn how to run the profession from people with experience and hoped the elders would curtail the excesses of the younger practitioners.

“The management of the association, vis-à-vis the running of the profession and association, is something that you learn from those who are experienced. We expect them to moderate the excesses of the younger practitioners.”

The Lagos NMA boss lamented the shortage of manpower in the health sector, stating that the event was targeted at shedding light on the way forward.

Also, A renowned political economist, Prof. Pat Utomi, said that leading and mentoring young doctors was a task for the elders in the medical profession.

Utomi, who was represented by Mr Ubong Essien, said, “The best people to learn from are those that have been there and done that in the past. They are automatically the guardians of the ethos of the medical profession.

“There is a need to deliberately engage with younger generation of doctors as a means to successfully pass the baton to them,” he said.

Source: Medical World Nigeria

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