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Killer Heels

By Victoria Haruna

Killer heels are known to cause multiple health implications.

These include knee osteoarthritis, callouses, ankle sprain, ingrown toenails, shortened Achilles tendon, risk of falling and lower back pain.

Killer heelsAlso, according to the author of Fashionably Fatal, Summer Streves, “in earlier centuries, ladies of fashion were known to have had their ‘little’ toes amputated, slipping their feet into ever-more-pointed fashionable footwear”.

She argues that while historic practices might sound barbaric, women today are still enduring pain for fashion, referencing “the contemporary vogue for the surgical shortening, even amputation of healthy toes, in order to fit into today’s sky-high stilettos”.

There are still plenty of fashion victims in the 21st Century. “Although we haven’t got corsets or crinolines any more, there are now people having their ribs removed to get a smaller waist.”

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