Kelina Hospital Removes 24kg Tumor From PatientNigerians have been advised to see their doctor at the earliest possible time for urgent medical attention whenever they notice any abnormal growth in their bodies.
This is even as an Abuja-based health facility – Kelina Hospital – has removed an abnormal tumor that weighed 24 kilograms which is equivalent to the size of 8 babies from a patient.
The tumor which has been in the patient’s reproductive system for the past five years is suspected to be a fibroid, but will however, be subjected to further investigation.
The management of the Kelina Hospital therefore warned that “you don’t have to allow things in your body grow to this size before you go to the hospital.”
The management of the hospital further advised people to rush to the hospital for proper advice when they notice a new swelling which was not there before; bleeding from any orifice of their body which is not physiological and having difficulty in breathing, swallowing, passing urine or defecating. These, according to them, are common signs of tumors or cancers in the body.
Speaking while responding to questions from our correspondent, a surgeon who was part of the team that removed the 24kg tumor disclosed that the tumor was found in the reproductive system of the patient, but not the ovary; reiterating that “the reproductive capacity of the patient was intact after the surgery.”
The surgeon who pleaded not to be named said: “It is just a fortunate situation because most times when tumors are this huge, they get attached to so many organs such that surgery becomes impossible. But in this case, it was possible to remove the tumor without sacrificing any organ. This is a miracle,” he noted.
He further emphasized that: “It is important to bring this information to the general public because it is the fear of surgery and fear of losing an organ that made the patient delay this surgery.
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