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JOHESU to Proceed on Indefinite Nationwide Strike Action from Midnight of Tuesday 17th April 2018

JOHESU to Proceed on Indefinite Nationwide Strike Action from Midnight of Tuesday 17th April 2018 Press Conference by the Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) at the Medical and Health Workers’ Union of Nigeria, National Secretariat, Ayuba Wabba House, Abuja, on Monday, 16th April, 2018.
 Gentlemen of the Press, we want to use this medium to intimate you of the happenings in the health sector. It is no more news that there is incessant industrial unrest in the health sector which root cause derives from the insensitivity and lackadaisical attitude of the drivers of the health sector.
For the avoidance of doubt, the issues amongst others are:
1. The upward adjustment of CONHESS Salary Scale.
2. Arrears of Skipping of CONHESS 10.
3. Employment of Additional Health Professionals.
4. The Implementation of Court Judgments.
5. Upward review of Retirement Age from 60-65.
However,it is disheartening to note that after six (6) months of the suspension of our last strike and still counting, the Federal Government has not done anything tangible over the pending issues, especially on the flagship issue of CONHESS adjustment and payment of arrears of CONHESS 10 skipping.
JOHESU, as a mature and responsible organisation, gave 21 days notice on 5th of February, 2018, in the first instance, to enable the Federal Government do the needful. At the expiration of the 21 days notice, the leadership of JOHESU reconvened to re-appraise the situation on ground and noted the lackadaisical attitude of the Federal Government towards the implementation of the Memorandum of Terms of Settlement signed on 30th September, 2017.
In furtherance with our mantra as peace lovers who have the interest of the masses at heart, another 30 working days ultimatum was issued to the Federal Government on 5th of March, 2018, to alert the Government of the impending nationwide strike.
However, on Thursday, 5th April, 2018, the Hon. Minister of Labour and Employment invited the leadership of JOHESU to a meeting wherein we were told that our issues were still being looked Into. The leadership reported same to the NEC of JOHESU which upheld the ultimatum issued, since the Government seemed to be taking JOHESU for a ride.
Consequent upon this, therefore, JOHESU has no other choice than to proceed on an indefinite nationwide strike action as from midnight of Tuesday, 17th April, 2018; when the 30-working days is expected to expire.
Therefore, JOHESU Unions hereby direct all her members in Federal Health Institutions all over the country to commence the strike immediately (midnight of Tuesday, 17th April, 2018) unfailingly, States and Local Government Health Institutions are, by this, placed on red alert and are to continue intense sensitization and mobilization of our members.

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  • My Great JOHESU people! Please let’s not allow propaganda to disintegrate the health sector. Yes some doctors are bad, but you’ll agree with me that there are still many good ones amongst them. When we went to school, we went with the intention that one day, many lives will be saved through us. Know that whether we are Nurses, Pharmacists, Lab Scientists, Radiographers etc, our single goal is to save lives. Let’s not show the doctors anything other than the fact that we are ready to work to save lives whether or not they want it. We should work together, and if they are ready to work with us, then we work together. Let’s not let ego, salary difference or positions stop us from helping people – from saving lives. The doctors are not our enemies, we all have a common enemy, and we are all supposed to put all our strength to fight that enemy till our last breath ,but who is the enemy? The enemy is none other than Disease!
    Let’s show them that we have no grudges against them, even if they have any against us. Let’s show them that we are ready to do our work. Let’s show them that we are hardworking and that we are ready to work together, since we have the same primary aim – to save lives. It is through this rather than engaging in a war of words that will truly find a solution to the health problem in the country.

    Long live JOHESU!


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