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Is It Manly To Get A Pedicure?

Underperformance in the Nation’s Healthcare System Is Policy Driven  – Pharm. (Mazi) Sam Ohuabunwa

It starts with a warm, soapy soak and ends with a gentle massage to help boost circulation in your feet, which in turn promotes cell growth and organ function throughout the body. A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails; it is a popular practice all over the world, and especially among women.

Getting a pedicure could be a little uncomfortable for most men. At the mere mention of pedicure most men will be so quick, and often to express something along the lines of “no way”, “never”. There is a general notion that men should spend less time ‘beautifying’ themselves. Many say pedicures are just not “manly”.

“I might poke a bit of fun at a man who went into a spa for this kind of thing. Some are adopting practices that are traditionally female like waxing, plucking eyebrows and so on. But if it makes you feel better about yourself or your body, you may just be prepared for a bit of teasing”, a male respondent said in a chat with me.

The question is, if as a society, we have come to accept both sexes adopting styles from each other (pierced ears, skin care regimens, cologne, and massages), is a man taking care of his feet and making them more attractive really any different?
Contrary to popular belief, pedicure is “not” just a luxury or meant only for women! It can be beneficial to your health, no matter your gender.

“There’s nothing emasculating about grooming your nails or even getting a manicure or pedicure. There are loads of men who get their cuticles cut back, and nails groomed”, says Kally Papantoniou, M.D., a cosmetic, laser, and surgical dermatologist in New York City.

The modern man pampers himself in different ways. While many men will happily spend time fiddling with their hair, some are strangely reluctant to give their feet any attention. If you consider that foot odour is very common amongst men, especially as we tend to spend a good part of our day in feet covering shoes, then you may want to reconsider things.

Studies have shown that often the feet of men sweat more and become a den of bacteria that cause the odour. And one way to get rid of foot odour is to maintain the best foot hygiene; a good pedicure ensures that your feet are free from dirt and debris that work as a bed for bacteria growth.

A survey conducted by the American Med Spa Association shows that guys are spending up to 13 percent more money at spas than women, and will make up 30 percent of the market within the next decade. It has become popular for men to indulge in beauty treatments such as pedicures and manicures.

In the case of Africa, particularly in Nigeria, it can be daunting for most men to sit at a spa which has long been a woman’s realm; many men think it is a taboo. But, do you need to visit a spa to have a well- trimmed set of nails? The answer is no!

For starters, you can give your-self a professional pedicure at home. This is a great way to treat yourself to a spa-like experience without the extra cost. You can soak your feet in warm water, and cleanse them with a foot scrub or a pumice stone. For example, the local pumice stones can be gotten from local health and online stores in Nigeria. You can add a bit of soap and leave your feet to scrub to the stone. This can help to get rid of rough skin, bacteria and dirt. These stones can be used on a regular basis.

Indeed, we are in an era when being presentable is important not only for women but also for every man. Let’s face it, most women will tell you that they are attracted to men who take pride in how they look.

The bottom line is, do not ignore your feet. Whether you decide to visit a spa or not, seeing your feet looking smoother and healthier can also give you a boost of self-esteem. Perhaps most importantly, it will help to keep your cuticles healthy.

 By Gabriel Ifinnwa 

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