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Interest of the Association Supercedes any Rivalry –Pharm. Samuel Adekola

Interest of the Association Supercedes any Rivalry –Pharm. Samuel AdekolaThe National Vice Chairman of the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN), who is also running for the position of National Chairman in the forthcoming elections has said that no level of rivalry that emerges as a result of the election, will be above the interest of the Association. He made this known via a Press Release recently.

Read the full Press Statement reads as follows:

The 37th Annual Conference of the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN), EDO 2018, is scheduled to take off on July 1, 2018, in the ancient city of Benin.

One of the highlights of this year’s conference is the election of new National Executives into office, to steer the ship of the organisation to greater heights of benefit for the members of ACPN, the national health team and the general public in particular.

The past 6 months have been laden with virtual as well as physical, nationwide campaigns by all aspiring candidates for the posts that are being contested. The intensity of the effort applied by each aspirant has arrested the attention of all other Pharmacists in other segments of Pharmacy such as the Academic, Hospital and Industrial Pharmacists. This is because Community Pharmacy is the flagship of the profession, having the highest population, and representing each Career Pharmacist’s hope in the future, post retirement.

The most interesting and demanding sparring so far has been between the two Candidates vying for the most senior position of ACPN National Chairman. All Social media platforms of the common umbrella body of Pharmacists, the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN), which includes pharmacists practicing abroad, those in other sectors of the economy such as Telecoms, Gas and Oil, Food and Beverages, FCMGs, Banking, who have investments in Pharmacy or intend to have in the future, have all watched spell bound, talking incessantly about this upcoming ACPN Chairmanship election. The approach of the two Chairmanship Candidates has no doubt taken ACPN Politicking to another level altogether.

A debate with the Chairmanship aspirants was organised by a fellow Community Pharmacist who doubles as a Pharmacist on Sunday evening, a strategic time most Pharmacists, home and abroad, was able to tune in and ask the Candidates questions that clarified their intentions, plans and execution strategies.

During the debate of the two aspirants, Mr Samuel Adekola, the present National Vice-Chairman of the Association, who is also contesting for the National Chairmanship position, was very cordial to the extent of divulging his intention to invite his opponent on board a National Strategy Review and Implementation Committee (NSRIC), when he becomes the ACPN National Chairman, due to an acknowledgement of the rigours of his research into the advancement of the cause of Community Pharmacy Practice, as a result of his ambition to be Chairman. Mr. Adekola further stated that the interest of the Association and its members definitely supersedes any rivalry that the elections may have generated between them. He left no doubt as to his respect for his opponent as well as his potential to add value to the profession as part of a National Strategy Review and Implementation Committee.  He stated that two good heads are definitely better than one.

On Monday, the IT’S TIME Campaign team, released their operational work plan in a pdf document that was circulated on all platforms. Alongside, they also granted access to Mr. Adekola’s blog; https://samueladekola.wordpress.com/, which contains his citation as well as other documents showing his antecedence, experience, exposure, contributions to the profession so far, as well as his qualifications.

The response to the proposed operational document was overwhelming from local and international colleagues alike. The document became a unifying factor for both sides of the divide of allegiance, as those for him as well as those against him applauded the depth as well as the breadth of thought, research and planning that must have gone into it. Through the operational plan, everyone saw the feasibility of Adekola’s vision of creating Trans-generational HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL and FULFILLED Community Pharmacists. Several endorsements of Adekola as the next ACPN National Chairman followed in acknowledgement of his energy, passion, pursuit of the common good, noble character and well known reputation as a goal-getter.

We, the IT’S TIME Campaign team, hereby, want to appreciate the overwhelming acceptance of Mr. Samuel Adekola, his working document, launched yesterday, which showed evidence of our joint understanding of the challenges confronting the Nigerian Community Pharmacist. We assure you all, that the document will be his companion in office when elected. It will naturally be improved upon by consultation with a National Strategy Review and Implementation Committee, (NSRIC), which will have representation of all States.

We are indeed very grateful for your encouragement.

IT’S TIME Campaign Organisation.

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