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Healthy Underwear Etiquette

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When it comes to underwear, most times guys can feel it should take the second burner. However, over the years, experts have advised that that should not be the case. Research has shown that one of the reasons for low sperm count can be attributed to the underwear. Hence, it is important that every man practices “underwear etiquette”.

What are the things you should know when considering your underwear?

Change frequently: Dr. Gregory D. Albert, a physician in Delray Bay advises that the first thing that every man must know about his underwear is that it needs to be changed frequently, and always remain clean and be discarded when they become threadbare or stained. He goes on to explain that if you work out or sweat excessively then a mid-day underwear change is actually necessary. In 2011, Clorox conducted a study that showed one-in-eight guys will wear underwear two or three times before washing them. And that half of men admit to using the “smell test” to determine if their drawers are still wearable (which should get us some points for bravery, right?) The Australian brand – Bonds issued a study suggesting 32% of men will wear the same pair of underwear at least two days in a row.
Always replace underwear once a month: A 2008 consumer survey found that 9% of men admit to having a pair of underwear that’s at least 10 years old. Experts advise that keeping old underwear is not sentimental, it’s unhygienic. Every month, you should go through your underwear and throw out everything that is stained, torn or unsightly. This purge should be accompanied by purchasing new underwear

Have variety: The age long debate between boxers and briefs still continues. However, experts advise that you have at least one of every type of underwear for variety. While boxers gives you a lot of breathing room “down there”, briefs give you support. However, it is important to note that boxers have been associated by various researches as a factor for increased sperm count. Experts have stated that in order for the testes to produce sufficient quality and quantity of sperms it needs to be at a lower temperature than the core body temperature. The testes can overheat when a man wears briefs, and if they are too hot or several degrees above what they are supposed to be, this may lead to production of insufficient quality and quantity of sperm which in turn leads to low sperm count. It takes 10-11 weeks for sperm to be produced so you might want to plan accordingly by avoiding the tight briefs and wearing boxers when you can.

Pick the Right Materials: Just like women, men can also go fanciful with their underwear. Experts have advised that you should choose cotton for everyday wears, and other fun fabrics and luxurious silks for special occasions. If you are going to work out then you need to be more circumspect in your underwear material. You need to wear underwear that provides the proper level of support and utilises a moisture-wicking fabric. Do not wear boxers, cotton underwear or go commando when working out. Synthetic blends are better for work-outs as they prevent chaffing. It is also very important that you never wear your work out underwear more than once.

“Go Commando” sometimes: Another underwear option to explore is the “no underwear option”. This can be fun, feel great because it allows a lot of air in that area. However, experts advise that it is done with caution. You can “go commando” while at home, but you need to take precautions if you want to do it while going out. If you are going dancing and will end up getting sweaty, then “going commando” is not ideal.

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