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Foods to Eat For a Healthy Boost below the Belt

Foods to Eat For a Healthy Boost below the BeltWhat we eat is extremely important to our physical and mental well-being. In fact there is no part of the body that does not benefit from healthy living including the penis. Some of the smallest blood vessels and nerves are found in the penis so if you eat a lot of junk food with high cholesterol you can be sure that the vessels in the penis will also get clogged. When the blood vessels in the penis are clogged with cholesterol it would restricts blood in the penis and this would in turn make it difficult for you to get an erection when you are ready for action, not to mention the heart issues that are involved.
Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, a urologist at Orlando Health, USA advises that you treat your penis like a luxury car. To keep it riding smoothly you need to fill it with the recommended fuel and keep up the necessary maintenance. Filling up with the right foods will not only boost your testosterone, it will also strengthen your sperm and supercharge your erection. Here are some fruits that can help you stay in tip-top shape “down there”.
Carrots: Carrots are crunchy snacks that are rich in vitamin A which helps to regulate the synthesis of the sex hormone, progesterone. They also stimulate sperm production.
Egg yolks and fortified milk: These are great sources of vitamin D and an Austrian study has shown that the penis needs vitamin D. The research had men take 3,332 IU of vitamin D or a placebo per day for a year and discovered that testosterone levels significantly increased in the men that took vitamin D. Added to this is the fact that insufficient vitamin D could result in erectile dysfunction as without it your blood vessels can’t relax which in turn hinders the flow of blood to your penis.
Oranges: Harvard University conducted a 10- year study of more than 25,000 men and found out that men who ate foods with certain flavonoids- anthocyanin, flavanones and flavones had a lower risk of erectile dysfunction than others who didn’t eat as much as them. Oranges are also rich in vitamin C, they increase nitric oxide, which help to relax the arteries and lower blood pressure. This in turn improves blood circulation and better erection.
Chillies: Chillies contain an alkaloid known as capsaicin. This alkaloid improves circulation, boosts nitric oxide and reduces blood pressure; it is the substance that is responsible for a burning sensation, stimulating nerve endings, and raising heart rate. One of the easiest ways to get a hard-on is by pumping blood into the penal blood vessels and chillies help to do that. Capsaicin is also responsible for releasing endorphins and other “feel good” hormones so when you think you would be in a better mood for better sex.
Avocado: This fruit should be worked into your daily diet as it promotes penile health. Avocados apart from being filled with omega-3 fatty acids that are good for heart health, they are also rich in vitamin B6 and folic acid which are good for enhancing your energy. Also, B6 helps to regulate prolactin which is a libido enhancer.
Bananas: Bananas contain a special enzyme, bromelain which carries out a specific task of delivering an anti-inflammatory and blood thinning effect that in turn increases testosterone. It is also high in potassium content which aids blood circulation and ultimately improves sexual health.
Cashews: These nuts are an excellent source of zinc. Zinc is a power nutrient that is known to increase testosterone in men because it blocks the enzyme that converts testosterone to oestrogen. It also has the lowest fat percentage amongst all the nuts and is an excellent source of copper.
Coffee: Research shows that coffee can help you live longer, burn off fat and help your sexual health, by “acting as a stimulant in the body and helping increase circulation including blood flow to the penis. Caffeine triggers a series of effects in your body that help the arteries in your penis relax and blood flow to increase.
Watermelon: Some of the foods covered in red have something in common: it’s their lycopene content. Lycopene is crucial for your penis as it helps relax blood vessels and increase blood transmission to all organs for a strong, fully aroused erection.
Turkey: Turkey is one of the richest sources of arginine, which helps increase blood flow by dilating blood vessels. It’s also loaded with essential nutrients like potassium, iron, zinc, and B vitamins, all of which help performance in between the sheets. It’s also comprised of omega-3s, which helps combat inflammation of the blood vessels, allowing improved blood flow to the genitals.
Tomatoes: Tomatoes are filled with beneficial components like potassium, vitamin C, and most importantly, lycopene, which is essential for increasing blood flow. This is important because proper blood flow allows the tissues of the penis to become engorged, aroused, and lubricated. There are higher levels of lycopene in the canned, cooked, or tomato paste versions.
Strawberries: The most natural way to consume your sweets, and increase your sperm count, is by picking up some strawberries. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and help increase sperm count.
Cherries: Cherries contain anthocyanin, which prevent plaque from building up in the arteries. This allows for optimal blood flow to all organs in your body, and of course leads to a firmer, fuller erection.
Chocolate: Chocolate contains a compound called tyramine, which, increases dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is also known as the pleasure hormone which can light a fire in your sex life.
Greek Yoghourt: Greek yoghourt is loaded with protein. The dairy staple is high in potassium, which improves circulation, but also helps regulate sodium in the body, fixing any fluid imbalances and prevents bloating. This will ultimately help you hold an erection and raise sexual stamina during intercourse.
Honey: Honey contains mineral called boron, which helps regulate testosterone, improve libido, and increase sexual stamina.


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