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Federal Ministry of Health Circular on Current Strike by Joint Health Sectors Union JOHESU

All Chairmen Governing Boards,
Federal Tertiary Hospitals
2. At the end of the meeting, the Honourable Minister gave the following directives, and I am directed to convey as follows:
a. That Governing Boards should ensure that all sections of hospitals that were closed should be re-opened with immediate effect, and ensure that a ward per specialty is functioning. This includes Labour Wards and theatres.
b. That all staff on GL15 (Assistant Director) or its equivalents and above are Management staff and should not be involved in the strike action.
c. That Governing Boards should direct all staff on strike to return to work within 48hours or be considered as having absconded from work without leave. Failure to return within 48 hours attracts immediate dismissal, and should be so due to their absence from duty without leave in line with PSR-030413.
d. In view of ‘c’ above, Governing Boards are requested to direct the CMDs/MDs to within 72 hours of this circular advertise for employment of staff to fill the vacancies created.
e. All CMDs and MDs are directed to convey an emergency board meeting in fashion out implementation of the above directives.
3. The Honourable Minister further directed that any CMD or MD that fails to comply with the directives should be suspended forthwith by the relevant Governing, Boards.
4. Please, accept the assurances of the Honourable Minister’s warm regards.
Dr. O.J. Amedu, mni
Director, Hospital Services Department 
For: Honourable Minister

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