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How Fashion Can Impact On Your Health

How Fashion Can Impact On Your HealthFashion is a way of life; it is how something is done or a trend that is on. Fashion could also be the latest and most admired style in clothes and cosmetics, or behaviour, and this is why it could be easily described as a passing fad because it could be in vogue today and tomorrow it is out of circulation as it where. Fashion usually will have to do with clothes, skin beauty, make-up, footwear, and other accessories, etc.

When I was a little boy for example I saw old women wearing wigs; I also saw old men and women too dying their hair, and men also barbed their hair leaving a good portion on their head, and sometimes they even had a parting to it. But the fashion has today changed in that nowadays I see young women and girls wearing wigs, while young people are even dying their hair – black and other colours, etc.

Many years back e.g. in the eighties, men who wanted to be fashionable put on what they called bongo trousers or what is also called bell bottom trousers; after sometimes they tapered down to pencil trousers. In the same vein women wore loose and free flowing trousers, but today they are wearing tight jeans trousers and so on.

Fashion is a normal part of life which really makes for a more exciting life, but fashion sometimes can have its drawbacks depending on the nature of the fashion being considered. Certain fashion trends could lead to all manner of problems ranging from arthritis to back pain, foot injuries, neck pain and even infertility, etc.

  1. Arthritis of the foot
    Foot and ankle problems can result from wearing high heel shoes. Some women might want to put on these shoes for different reasons such as improving their height, etc. But one fact is that it puts a strain on your ankle joints – causing you pains, a painful swelling as well as hurting (big) toe. High heel shoes will easily make you lose your good posture if you’re not very mindful of what you are doing. I’ve seen women walking and ‘tilting’ forward instead of standing erect.
  2. Skin cancer and organ damage
    Today it is a crazy fad for many women to bleach their skins in the bid to satisfy their inferiority complex because they feel fair skin is everything. Even worse is whereby some male folks also join the fray to look fair. But for whatever reason, or under whatever terminology – toning, skin lightening, or whitening, they all mean the same thing which is bleaching. And the hazard of it all is that in the long run you are exposing yourself to the risk of skin cancer or organ damage due to the chemicals contained in the bleaching agents.

  1. Receding hair/scalp damage
    Amongst the ladies, hair beauty or hair dressing undoubtedly is the number one beauty project especially with the average black woman. Also, in the attempt to lengthen their hair women have resorted to all manner of styles to fashion their hair in this regard. Yes, they may actually look attractive and trendy after all the rigours of ‘perming’ and styling the hair, attaching artificial or real human hair, but the side effects sometimes can be as complicated as the hair styles themselves. Some of the drawbacks are such as receding hair lines from constant pulling of the hair during designing as well as scalp burns from chemical applications, etc.

  1. Fertility problems
    Skin-tight wears whether of men or women can have their complications too. Tight jeans trousers or tight under pants can restrain the private parts from freedom and aeration. This will easily lead to heat and sweating which encourages the growth of bacteria especially for women, and decreased function of the testes which is responsible for the production of sperms in the men.

  1. Muscle pains
    Just as we say in life – moderation is key, so it is with your hand bags. Thus just as very high heeled shoes are hazardous; it is equally risky for you to frequently go about carrying those heavy hand bags of yours. Be you a man or woman, these sort of hand bags as they’re in vogue today, can cause you untold pain in your neck and back muscles.

  1. Infections
    Certain fashion habits heighten your chances of contracting infections such as fungal infections. This happens especially when a woman or man wears tight fitted clothing – affecting the private areas, like in the case of tight jeans trousers, tight underpants, thong underwear for women, etc. Research also reveals they can also lead to urinary tract infections like urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis.


 Morgan Nwanguma

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