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Embracing PPP key to developing Nigerian healthcare system – Wada

Nigeria must embrace Public Private Partnership (PPP) inorder to develop her health infrastructure, management principles and investment rapidly, Founder NISA Medical Group, Dr Ibrahim Wada has said.

He stated this yesterday during the International Conference on Hospital Management and Administration (ICOHMA) organised by the Institute of Medical Sciences Africa (IMSA) in Abuja.

The theme of the three day conference is “Ensuring a Healthy Africa through functional healthcare systems: How to change what we must change”.

He said  the country also has no choice but to embrace PPP if it wants to  cut down waste.

He said the International Conference on Hospital Management and Administration (ICOHMA) involves gathering brains from public, private, primary to secondary and tertiary hospitals together for the common goal of quality healthcare service delivery.

“We have to run our hospitals very well; we have to reduce waste because our country must stand  where other nations stand, and it is on the shoulders of each and every one represented here , and not on the shoulder of the government alone,” he said.

Dr Wada who applauded the Federal Government for her efforts since independence said it has unified the country and charted  the way to go.

“The population has outgrown the ability of government alone to provide. We have increased our population may be four times since independence but how many times have we increased our resources?,”

He said that it was clear to everyone that whatever we have is needed by many more people and  that ingenuity was required in resource management.

“So, government has kept us together, they have pointed an arrow and it is only now for the rest of us to follow and not make criticism. The era of government must do this, they haven’t done that is past tense.  We should think of what we will do for ourselves and government supporting us. That is the spirit we must imbibe,” he added.

Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Adewole who was represented by the Director of Hospital Services of the ministry commended Institute of Medical Sciences Africa (IMSA) for organising the conference , saying it  provided opportunity for a multi-sectoral approach to discuss standards for quality healthcare delivery.

“It is a ground breaking conference. The Federal Ministry of Health welcomes the idea, support the activities and is waiting for the outcome of the conference,” he said.

Represented by the Director of Hospital  Services of the ministry , Dr Joseph Amedu , he said  ensuring a healthy Africa or Nigeria through functional healthcare  system required  “identification of what actually went wrong, how  and who is or was  responsible, how to move forward, what we need to do, who does what and on whose table lies the change.”

He added that they were important questions for participants to ask during the conference.

The minister added that the  ministry was ready to change for  the good of the health sector , and that it was putting in place strategies to ensure the health sector is revived  through provision of quality health care that  is affordable, effective, efficient, sufficient and that every Nigerian could access .

Executive Director of the Institute of Medical Sciences Africa (IMSA)  Prof. Eugene Okpere  said the medical institution is committed to investing in human capacity development, and building medical professionals.

Source: Daily Trust

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