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Eating Too Much Bananas Causes Headaches, Weight Gain

Bananas are  one of  the world’s most consumed fruits. They are known for lots of healthy benefits and contain essential nutrients. However, consuming too much of the  fruit can reverse the health benefits.   Miss  Chidera Ezenwafor, a dietitian said despite their numerous health benefits, there are also certain side-effects associated with eating bananas.   “A medium banana contains 105 calories, 27 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of satiating fiber and about 14 grams of naturally occurring sugar along with a host of essential micro-nutrients. When eaten, it  is filling and goes well with dieting but goes wrong when eaten excessively. The fruit is delicious so people tend to over snack on it, thereby taking in a lot of calories.   “People tend to eat bananas because it is sweet ,has good taste, smells nice among others, plus the nutrients and vitamins contained in the fruit. It all makes it easier to consume and most cases over consuming it in the process which ends up creating problems to health such as overweight, heart problems, drowsiness, allergies, reactions, and headaches among others. Therefore, when eating bananas, the numbers should be considered,” she said.   The dietician also said people should try not to eat bananas when overripe and should not eat more than five fingers a day.   “Also, ripe bananas have higher amount of tyramine, which means the more you leave the bananas ripe, the more possibilities you will have a headache by eating it,” she added.   The dietician said eating too much bananas could cause headache as bananas contain tyramine, phenylethylamine and amino acids which can increase the amount of blood that goes to the brain and dilate vessels.   She advised  dieters to eliminate the fruit from their daily food because it also contained a significant amount of protein and fat which can help one gain weight very fast.


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