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Dirty Fingernails

If as a woman a man approached you – looking handsome and all that, and even better, having good manners, but on reaching closer he presents with this set of long, dark and dirty fingernails, what would you do; would you still go ahead to date him?Dirty Fingernails

“You can tell a lot from a man’s fingernails and how he relates to women and the world.
If they are long he will either be a thinker or he is just dirty”, Anita Uti, a student at the University of Lagos said.

On her part, Peggy Ofili, a Youth Corper said “If a guy’s nails are long and dirty, then you can tell he doesn’t take care of himself. I cannot date such a person”.

Certainly, dirty and unkempt fingernails can give the impression of poor hygiene. Just like you want your hair and skin to be healthy in the same way taking care of your nails is a crucial part of a neat and pulled together appearance. But unfortunately some men fall prey on how to take care of their nails properly.

Having clean healthy nails is one of the more subtle personal hygiene problems people have, especially, the men. And, for most women – they would prefer their men to have nicely manicured nails. For them, dirty nails are a huge pet peeve.

Dirty fingernails don’t smell or cause people to coil in horror when near you.  But, do you know that dirty fingernails are a breeding ground for diseases? More so, dirty fingernails are seen, which means it should be that much easier for you to spot the problem.  And trust me, you need to take care of this problem because women do notice the dirt under your nails!

Fortunately, while some men may not like the idea of a professional manicure, there are plenty of ways to improve the health and appearance of your nails without setting foot in a salon.

Preventing Dirty Fingernails

  • Trim your nails: Dirt accumulates faster when you have long nails. Use a standard nail clipper. Clip straight across the top of the nails. Cut them to just about the tip of your finger. Use the clippers to trim the sharp corners.
  • Avoid biting or chewing your fingernails: Not only will your nails look damaged, but you’ll also push bacteria and saliva into your nail beds. This will gather dirt and debris underneath your nails and make them look dirty. Additionally, nail-biting can also lead to infections in your cuticles and the skin around your nails.
  • Wash your hands regularly, and scrub under your nails to remove dirt and bacteria. If you want to get your nails really clean and soften up your cuticles, soak your hands in a conditioning soap.
  • Wear gloves if your hands will be in water for an extended period of time. Water weakens your nails and makes them more likely to break.
  • Massage your nails with hand cream a few times a week or whenever they feel dry. Pay special attention to your nail beds, and massage the cream right into your cuticles.
  • If you find that your nails get dirtier as the day goes on, remove the dirt whenever you notice it. You can use a toothpick, a pointed nail-cleaner stick, an orange stick, or the flat end of a cuticle-pusher tool.


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