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Declare Emergency in Health Sector, Senate Urges FG

Adopting a motion moved by Senator Suleiman Hunkuyi (APC,Kaduna-North), titled, Urgent Need for the Declaration of Emergency in the Public Health Sector over the Decay of Infrastructure, the Senate decried the “sorry state” of the sector.
The lawmakers unanimously resolved to ask the executive to declare a state of emergency in the public health sector in the country.
They also requested the executive to provide special funding in the 2018 budget for the overhaul of one government-owned medical facility, at least, in each of the six geo-political zones of the country every year.
“The Senate regrets that this sorry state of affairs has rendered our hospitals and other healthcare facilities ineffective, thereby resulting in dire consequences for the citizenry,” Hunkuyi said in the motion.
He said the Senate noted, with alarm, the decay of infrastructure in public health care institutions in the country, occasioned by epileptic power and inadequate water supply, resulting in unhygienic  conditions, which further increased the risk of hospital acquired and transmitted infections.
Hunkuyi also said, “The Senate further notes that critical diagnostic equipment such as MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound, et cetera, which are essential for providing efficient diagnosis are either non-functional or not available, and coupled with lack of life-saving medications and drugs which are inadequate and in most cases unavailable to dispense to the patients who throng these facilities in search of treatment for their various conditions.
“The Senate is concerned that this situation has compounded the dearth of ability to attract the required calibre of health professionals and skilled manpower in our public health institutions, with doctors and other healthcare professionals leaving for greener pastures to private medical facilities abroad where they can practice with ease.
 “The Senate is further concerned that the sorry situation in our public health institutions has resulted in increased medical tourism by Nigerians, with the attendant outflow of hard earned foreign currency to the tune of several millions of dollars spent on medical care annually in Europe, America, Asia and even some African countries to the detriment of our own health Institutions.”

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