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Death and Ageing May Soon Be a Thing Of The Past

Ever heard the song, “Forever young” by Jay Z and Mr. Hudson? Well, that could very well be our reality sooner than we think, according to 2 Genetic Engineers.
Jose Lius Codeiro and Cambridge mathematician, David Wood recently published a book titled “The Death of Death” and have said that by the year 2045 humans will only die by accidents and not by natural causes or illnesses.
The founders of the operating system called Symbian, said that it’s important that old age gets classified as an illness so that publicly funded research into its cure can extend.
While presenting their new book in Barcelona, they stated that nanotechnology will be an integral part of this plan. The process of stopping ageing will involve turning bad genes into healthy ones – eliminating dead cells from the body, repairing damaged cells, treating with stem cells and printing vital organs in 3D.
The researchers explained that ageing is a result of DNA “tails” known as telomeres in chromosomes. Every cell except red blood cells and sex cells has 23 cells and they get shorter as the years roll by. Reversing ageing will involve lengthening the telomeres.
They stated that immortality will not necessarily mean that our planet becomes overcrowded. According to the scientists, there is still plenty of room on earth for more people, and these days, people do not have as many children as they used to in past decades and centuries. Besides, they also believe that by then it will be possible to live in space.
Codeiro and Wood believe that in 10 years, illnesses such as cancer will be curable, and that major international corporations like Google will be entering the field of medicine as they are already seeing that it is possible to cure ageing.
Their book, the Death of Death, will be eventually published in four languages – Spanish, English, Portuguese and Korean, and all proceeds from its sales will be channelled back into the authors’ research.


 Waire Emonefe

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