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Cuba to Produce Anti Diabetic Drugs in Nigeria, Awaits Licence

AdvertisementThe Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, Carlos Travor, has said that his country was awaiting a formal license for the production of a drug that will prevent amputation of limb of people suffering from diabetics.

Travor also said that the Cuban government has supplied equipments for early detect of diseases like cancer and other ailments in Nigeria, adding that Cuban specialists will arrive in the country this week to train Nigerians on the use of the equipment currently installed at Alimosho in Lagos State.

Speaking at a news conference to announce the sixth African Conference on solidarity with Cuba, the envoy said the drug which was produced in Nigeria by Cuban specialists has been undergoing clinical test in the country for the past one year.

He said that once the approval is given, the drug will now be produced and distributed in Nigeria, adding that the local production of the drug will give succour to diabetic patients in the country.

The Ambassador who said that his country cannot be involved in business dealing at the moment in Nigeria as a result of age long economic blockade against the country by the United State (U.S.), said Cuba will however continue its solidarity with the people of Nigeria and other African nations.

He said that Cubans will continue to stand with Africans, describing them as “our stand fore fathers”, and appealed to Nigerians and other African to assist the country in fighting against the economic ban placed on them by the U.S.

Also speaking, the National Coordinator of the Nigeria Movement of Solidarity with Cuba Comrade Abiodun Aremu said the sixth African conference on solidarity with Cuba is scheduled for September 23 to 25, 2019 in Abuja. He said the conference was necessary because the historic bonds between Africa and Cuba extends from the first decades of the 19th Century when about one million Africans, including Nigerians were taken to Cuba as slaves.

Aremu called for the lifting of the 56-year-old American economic embargo which stopped Cuba from freely accessing the international market and trading with other countries, adding that such embargo is counter productive, unhelpful and should be lifted without delay.

He said it is in Africa’s interest to follow the development path of Cuba which guarantees free and qualitative health and education for all its citizens, gender equality as well as its ability to locally produce medicines and vaccines for its people.

Source: Medical World Nigeria 

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