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Cuba Set to Introduce Vaccines against Lung Cancer

Cuba Ambassador in Nigeria, Carlos Trejo Sosa has said his country has concluded plans to introduce vaccines against lung cancer in Nigeria.

The Ambassador made this known at the commemoration of African day celebration organized by the Cuban embassy in Abuja.

He said, “Plans are underway to introduce vaccines against lung cancer in Nigeria, and initiate the production here in Nigeria with the help of Cubans and we will continue to support Africa in areas of pharmaceutical development and improved health care delivery.

 Cuba in collaboration with Nigerian government is introducing some drugs, “it is already being tested, drugs that prevent the amputation of limbs of people who suffer ulcer due to diabetes and end up being amputated; with our drugs that doesn’t happen, 80 to 85% prevent that”

“This celebration means a lot to Cuba in terms of culture, religion and blood, in Cuba we don’t allow anyone to say Afro-Cuban, we don’t allow discrimination, if you are born in Cuba you are Cuban”. He further stated that the contributions of African slaves in Cuba towards the revolutionary movement in Cuba immensely contributes to the decision of Cuba to support the continent. “These people who had been horribly exploited and tyrannized by the colonial power, freely decided to join the liberation force, born on that date and fight for independence of a country which as from that moment began rightfully to be their’s” The Cuban ambassador sadly noted the trade volume between Nigeria and Cuba is poor, this is because of Nigeria’s trade links with America, a country that has placed a trade embargo on Cuba. But in the areas of medicine and health care services, Cuba has been partnering with the federal government in vaccines production during health epidemics like Meningitis and Ebola.

Read more at: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2018/05/cuba-set-introduce-vaccines-lung-cancer

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