Commissioner for Health, Prof Akin Abayomi who dropped the hint Thursday in Lagos, during a press briefing, said probably in a week or two definitive parameters of how the state is going to integrate home based care into the state isolation strategies would be availed the public.

“There are people who are already practising self/home-isolation on their own, because we can’t find them, the numbers they give us, maybe they are false or they don’t answer their phones. When you go out to pick them at their residences, they have absconded. So, they are isolating themselves in different places.

“In effect, the concept of home-isolation is being practised by many Nigerians, even though it is not yet a state or national practice. “The people of Lagos are practicing home isolation which is one of the reasons that we as the government is trying to transition to home care because it is happening anyway, we might as well regularise it and make it an official option,” he said.

Giving an update on the mounting active cases in Lagos, the health commissioner said that the figures are following the trend defined by the module set out by the government.

‘’We know that we are going to see about 200 active cases by this time. That is what we defined by our module and it is following through to the trend defined in our module to see that kind of increase.’’ He said.

According to him, the other factor contributing to the increase in the number of active cases is increased testing capacity with four laboratories with capacities to tests 24hours a day on different shifts.

Abayomi further said that the state operates a decentralised sample collection centres even as he disclosed that sample collection centres in Lagos are located in 20 Local Government Areas of the state making it possible for people to go to the centres nearest to them.

The Commissioner however appealed to Lagosians who have symptoms of coronavirus disease to present early to the health facilities as about 80 per cent of people who contract the virus will recover from it. He said presenting patients early to the health facilities increases chances of survival from COVID-19.

By Kunle O. Sanyaolu

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