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Bauchi Governor Outlines Plans for Health Sector

The governor expressed delight that at the UNICEF’S assessment that place Bauchi State as one of the frontrunners on evidence-based scorecards in primary health care delivery in the country.He lamented that the high mortality rates in under-fives and new Borns, attributed the worrisome statistics to the unwholesome the decay and administrative leakages of the past.

He pledged to put measures to clean up the system to free up Resources and plough them into areas that make meaningful impact on health care delivery. He advocated for the reordering of the agency’s work plan to in order to assist the state in accommodating vast challenges.

Representative of UNICEF in Nigeria promised to partner with the governor to address the various challenges confronting the health sector in the state. She said the agency has trained 1,876 PHC workers is completing the upgrade of 107 primary health care facilities in the state.

Source: Medical World Nigeria

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