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‘Automated Process Best For Health Care Delivery’

‘Automated Process Best For Health Care Delivery’The Chief Medical Officer, Eko Hospital, Dr Adegbite Ogunrokun, has stressed the need for hospitals to embrace the automated service delivery in order to reduce the length of time that patients have to wait to be treated.Ogunrokun made the statement on Thursday at a briefing organised in Lagos by the management team of Eko Corp Plc as it completes the first phase of its project in the hospital.

He said the lack of automation in healthcare delivery had been a major problem in the hospital and the healthcare industry in Nigeria because most patients always complained of waiting for a long time before seeing a doctor or receiving treatment.

“With the introduction of the automated service delivery, we can now have a fast-track service. This means that patients can come into our hospital and get medical care within a few minutes. Since medical records are now kept in electronic format, the medical history of the patient is at the fingertip of the doctor,” he said.

The interim Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, Mr Chukwuma Monye, identified some of the challenges facing hospitals in Nigeria as financial mismanagement, lackadaisical attitude of health workers and slow healthcare delivery to patients.

He said, “At the beginning of 2018, the board of Eko Corp Plc made a decision to reposition the hospital by improving the operations of the organisation through optimising processes, enhancing financial management systems and improving patients’ experience.”

Monye stressed that the implementation of the hospital and patient management system, as well as a robust account management system, had led to the hospital enjoying patients’ patronage.

“In the next phase of the transformation agenda, the implementation of a number of initiatives that have been unveiled will continue, while investment in equipment and infrastructure will be strengthened,” he said.

Also, the Interim Chief Operating Officer, Mr Chuwurah Ejidoh, said the interim board prioritised improving customer service, patients’ waiting time and the hospital’s atmosphere.

“A lot of emphasis was placed on capacity building in different areas by the interim management board of the hospital to strengthen clinical and non-clinical staff and to ensure that the hospital delivers quality healthcare to the patients,” Ejidoh stated.



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