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Zeramal Brands Knock out Malaria, Says Ukah

Malaria being knocked out by the zeramal Brand:anti malaria

A deluge of exciting testimonies are currently trailing Zeramal brands of anti-malarial across major pharmacies and drugstores in the 36 states of the Federation as a result of its efficacy to knock out malaria.

The Group managing director of KCH, Pharm. Chris Ukah, who broke the news recently in Lagos, said in a statement that the increasing number of satisfactory remarks pouring in daily in recent months from members of the public and healthcare practitioners who had relied on the anti-malarial actions of Zeramal affirms that the product enjoys high acceptability among Nigerians.

Zeramal brands are among the staple products from KCH Consumer Healthcare Limited, an emerging indigenous pharmaceutical marketing giant based in Lagos.
According to the KCH boss voluntary attestations to the efficacy of Zeramal brands through sms messaging system, e-mails and other social media platforms from across the country had been tremendous in the last two months, just as he acknowledged that Zeramal brands are quality products formulated for the treatment of uncomplicated malaria.


Zeramal QS is an anti-malarial with a difference and comes in a yellow/white packet of six tablets. Ukah also argued that “it is either 6 tablets of QS strength or 12 tablets of DS strength, or 24 tablets of standard (Artemether 20mg and lumefantrine 120mg combination) that have the capacity to clinically knock out malaria in adults, otherwise patients may experience drug resistance as a result of under dosing.” This claim, Ukah said, is an empirical fact which is proven by studies, and it is in keeping with the WHO approved recommendations.

“Zeramal brands also come in dispersible form and T strength formulated essentially for effective treatment of malaria in children between 6 months to 8 yrs, and 9 to 14 yrs respectively. without a doubt this drug was designed to knockout the reign of malaria and its threat to the human race.

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