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Aerobic Exercise Close To a Miracle Drug, Recent Study Reveals

Aerobic Exercise Close To a Miracle Drug, Recent Study RevealsHow about a natural approach to wellness including mood enhancement, improvement of your memory and delaying brain ageing? A number of recent research works including a study that was recently published reveal the health benefits of any type of exercise that impacts on your heart, causing your heart rate to rise whereby you sweat for a continued period of time. This is called aerobic exercise; it is known to have an important effect that is valuable to your brain.
The majority of researches infer that the most suitable kind of aerobic exercise your mind would require is anything you can carry out on a regular basis over and over again for say 30-45 minutes per time. However, the most recent research work posits that any type of drills or exercise – be it for 5 minutes or 45 – can bring to bear a great deal of advantages on your mental health.
So far, this study is the most voluminous long-term research of its kind – which observes the connection between exercise and mental health, specifically looking at depression. The new study was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry.
Over a period of 11 years scientists studied almost 34,000 Norwegian adults; they were asked to report how frequently they took exercise each week, the intensity, and in what ways they experienced depression or anxiety. They observed that from the results gathered even as little as one hour exercise each week aided in protecting people against episodes of depression. They also observed that the exercises did not necessarily need to be aerobic, stressing that, even partakers who took to activities that did not in any way leave them breathless such as an ordinary casual long walk, etc. were unlikely to manifest symptoms of depression as against those who did not take to any form of exercise.
A lot of other studies reveal a strong link between mental and physical fitness across different levels of intensity. There are benefits such as an elevated mood – which can result as quickly as a few minutes while engaged in a hectic activity, while others, such as improved memory, is likely to emanate after many weeks.
For example, in a test study involving people with very serious cases of depression, it was discovered that a mere 30 minutes of treadmill walking for 10 consecutive days proved to be “sufficient to produce a clinically relevant and statistically significant reduction in depression.” It therefore seems that aerobic exercises are capable of aiding in the reduction of levels of natural stress hormones in the body, like adrenaline and cortisol. This is according to a recent study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science.
It appears also that the best way to stave off age-related brain decline in older people is aerobic exercises. In a recently published study, it was discovered that adults of between 60-88 years, who partook in four days of say, 30 minutes walking in a week for 12 weeks, showed a reinforcement of link around the area of the brain where weakened connections have been associated with loss of memory. Another study involving older women with symptoms of dementia showed that exercises that make you sweat with a heart-pumping experience was associated with an enlargement of the hippocampus, a region of the brain having to do with learning as well as memory.
Also, evidences abound which imply that aerobic exercises offer the best protection against other forms of cognitive decline. A research work that involved hundreds of breast cancer survivors came out with the conclusion that such workouts are likely to lessen the symptoms of “chemo brain,” a side effect which is normally reported in cancer treatment. It has to do with loss of memory and difficulty in focusing.
Advising, Diane Ehlers, the lead author of that research, and a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, said in a remark “The message for cancer patients and survivors is, get active!”
For people over 50 years of age, the most outstanding overall results in terms of mental and physical, seems to emanate from a combination of aerobic exercises and resistance training such as – strengthening activities such as using weights, or squats. Such a workout plan possibly will be anything ranging from high-intensity interval workout, like the 7-minute exercise, to dynamic flow yoga, which is a mix of strength-building poses and heart-pumping graceful and rhythmic moves.
But scientists are yet to be certain as to the reason exercise seems to supply a good number of benefits to our brain as well as body. A possibility could be improved flow of blood, given that aerobic activity supplies new energy and oxygen in the direction of the brain.
The cause notwithstanding, Joe Northey, an exercise scientist with the University of Canberra, stated that his study suggests that anyone who wants to enjoy tremendous health above 50 years of age should embark on 45 minutes to 1 hour of aerobic exercise “on as many days of the week as feasible.” This advice may as well apply to everyone no matter the age.


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