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ACPN Secretariat: Grand Opening of a Befitting Edifice

ACPN Secretariat: Grand Opening of a Befitting EdificeIt was a proud moment for all community pharmacists on Friday as the national body
of the Association of Community Pharmacists (ACPN) inaugurated its National
Secretariat at Ikeja, Lagos State.
The event was graced by many notable personalities in the pharmaceutical sector
including the president of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria – Pharm. Ahmed
Yakasai who later in the day commissioned the befitting edifice. Other notable
guests at the event were – the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for ACPN, Dr.
UNO Uwaga; the Managing Director of Healthplus, Pharm. Bukky George, and a
host of former presidents of different pharmaceutical bodies.
Pharm. Ahmed I. Yakasai, the PSN president stated that it was a thing of joy for him
to see this development come to light. He said that he is “a proud father” as the
inauguration of the building was a “testimony of when you have a proud son who can
carry out directives”. He described the secretariat as “A home for all pharmacists
across board”.
Pharm. Yakasai stated that the community pharmacists is one of the strongest arms
of the pharmaceutical profession, and acknowledged the leadership of the great
body – stating that it is a leadership that is ready to make a difference and one that looks at posterity.
ACPN Secretariat: Grand Opening of a Befitting EdificeHe congratulated the ACPN Chairman, Dr. Kelong Alkali for building such a spacious
place, and said that he has added value to the pharmaceutical profession. He further
encouraged all other technical arms of the pharmaceutical society to emulate the
actions of the ACPN, as PSN is ready to support and donate to any pharmaceutical
arm that wishes to build their own place.
Dr. Albert Kelong Alkali expressed his gratitude to all members of the Association of
Community Pharmacists, stating that it was not an easy feat yet they were able to
accomplish it. He made it known to journalists at the event that the community
pharmacists were made to contribute extra funds towards this project and they did it
He further expressed his gratitude to the pharmaceutical companies that partnered
with them and donated towards the project. He went further to state that the
secretariat is going to make a huge impact for ACPN as it is indeed a big step and
will serve as an image maker for the association. He also said that the new
secretariat will “cut down the cost of meetings” as the body will now hold its National
Executive Meetings in the secretariat which boasts of a large hall.
He also said that the new secretariat will give the ACPN room to run their Drug
Information Centre very well, and that the space of the office will help the
Association’s Secretariat run more efficiently.

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